Graeme opening his John Deere tractor.............

Graeme's birthday party ( photographs below ) was on Saturday, but his actual birthday was Sunday, September 11th.

We filled the day with some of Graeme's very favorite things............
a long walk with Cali and daddy and our tractor,
we headed for the pool after our walk to cool off,
and then we came home to open presents and play with our planes, trains, and automobiles!
( well, we intended for him to open all of his gifts from us, but he was so awestruck with opening his John Deere that we couldn't even get him to open the other gifts. We'll save those for a rainy day, I guess! )

We finished off the day with eating lots of yummy raisins.............

here's a little video of him opening his John Deere.  Earlier this month, he greatly enjoyed watching the John Deere tractors around town as they harvested the wheat fields.


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