it's just a plain great Thursday in the pacific northwest............

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I've wanted to purchase this knit collar for miss Calistoga for a very long time.
I love the work of BeanTown Handmade and finally, this week, pulled this puppy ( no pun intended ) off of my wish list.  I decided that since we now have a backyard for Cal-girl, and she doesn't have to wear a leash twenty-four-seven anymore, it was time to celebrate with a brand-new collar.

by the way, is this Boston not thee cutest ever?

In other news, we've discovered that Graeme talks in his sleep.  We think that is rather funny, and, well, not too surprising since he comes by it rather naturally, wink wink!  Sweet Job turns 35 weeks in utero today. And, pumpkin spice coffee creamer has returned for the season.  I'd say it's looking like a very good Thursday...............

happy Thursdaying!


  1. I love everything by Beantown!! I'm so excited that you got a collar! fun!

    ....and graeme may get his talking from steve.....but I really think he channels it from me! :)


  2. haha! yes, and I do believe I've been channeling your grunts and groans. I have woken myself up so many times lately and it just makes me laugh. And think of my old-lady sister, hehe;-)

    Cal's collar came in the mail yesterday and I think it might be my favorite Etsy purchase EVER! I'll have to post a picture of her in it--it is so pretty on her.

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