smatterings of what I'm thankful for today............

I probably can't fully describe to you how happy it makes me to see Graeme play and run around barefoot outside in this pretty little space that is our very own backyard.  We are so thankful for it, and I do believe that our Cal-girl is too............

yesterday, I picked the last of the roses from our rosebush and they smell fantastic.  A landscaping company came out for several hours yesterday and reseeded the grass in the backyard as well as putting in fresh bark, and I'm afraid, they accidentally knocked one of the boards of the fence down, much to our Cal-girl's glee, I'm afraid; she is a bit nosy and is enjoying spying on our neighbors.

milk does a baby good...........
apparently, as Job weighed in at yesterday's ultra-sound at 5 lbs.  We are so thankful for the health God has given to both Job and myself during this pregnancy.  I have to admit that I am to the quite uncomfortable stage, but thankful that everything appears to be well with mister Job.  He is worth the swollen hands and feet and sleepless nights, wink wink.  I'll be 35 weeks pregnant this Thursday. I continue to be so thankful for the medical care that we are privileged to have.  I love my doctor and my midwives that I see.  Yesterday I received a phone call from the surgery scheduler and she informed me that my back-up cesarean section had been scheduled for 11/9/11.  If you remember Graeme's birth date, you'll realize why this is funny to me. ( Graeme's birth date is 9/11/9.  Yeah, we just really like the number 9 and 11, apparently! )  My doctor and midwives feel strongly that if my water breaks on it's own, like it did with Graeme, and my body does not begin the labor process quickly, I need to go ahead with another cesarean section.  I don't talk about the decisions involved with this very much because I get discouraged at the opinions that some people so freely feel they can share. I'm thankful that God knows exactly how my babies will be born.

I, sadly, accidentally deleted several pictures from our moving day.  I have no idea how it happened.  But, I am so thankful for the specific people that God used to bless us that day.  Beginning with a friend that came over a few days before the move and made me the best banana and blueberry pancakes, helped to clean my kitchen cupboards, and blessed me with helpful conversation, a beautiful, newly married couple that brought us a delicious dinner and dessert on Thursday evening, to the sweet grandma in our church who asked if she could keep Graeme for moving day, the men who moved countless boxes and pieces of furniture and took orders from the pregnant lady, and the two families that came over the evening of the move and cleaned our entire apartment and painted for us.  There really are no words for the blessings that these hands and feet were to us.  Thank you to those who have been praying for us as well.  You are an encouragement to us!

happy tuesday..................


  1. What an encouraging post! So neat to see how the Lord is working in your lives right now. Can't wait to see more pics of your new backyard and home.

  2. =)Why does this always happen to me. =) Love your follow up comments so two comments are sometimes a must!

  3. Ah, Sarah -- so thankful for how God has helped and encouraged you. What a sweet church family!

  4. God DEFINITELY knows how Job will be born. And no matter how it happens, you will be blessed an amazing gift. Can't wait to hear the story! I'll be praying for peace of your mind as you wait and trust Him with the unknown. :)

  5. Laura-- thanks for keeping up with us and for being encouraged through what God has provided for us! I accidentally deleted several pictures off of my camera, which included more pictures of the backyard, so I'll have to catch a few here soon;-)

    mom, yes--so thankful for help!

    Danielle- I know--I cannot wait to see and hold this sweet boy. I had a dream a few nights ago that my water broke and last night I had a very vivid dream that he was born and I was holding him. Beginning to wonder if this means he is coming soon;-)

  6. I love all these pictures sakes!! the color and lighting are so great.....and they are just so happy! :) woot!


  7. What a HUGE blessing that you have a yard for dog and babies!!! :)


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