take pictures, mama, take pictures

this week, Graeme requested, for the very first time, that I take pictures
oddly enough, he did not look at the camera except for two shots, but continued to ask me to, "take pictures, mama, take pictures", as he climbed in and out of the chair, tossing pillows, and bringing hoards of cars to play with, giggling away while doing so.........
 I was actually thrilled to take some pictures of him in his saweeeet mustard cords--
can we say, hello Fall..............

in a way, these pictures represent our Graeme-bear perfectly--
fast-paced but filled with happiness and out-of-control morning hair!
hope you enjoyed these very candid, incredibly blurry pictures of my sweet boy

happy weekending...........


  1. Love the little feet, the curly hair, and especially love the 9.95 peeking out of his pants! Just wish I could have heard the giggles! So cute!

  2. haha! I was wondering who would notice that I hadn't taken off the price tag yet;-) H+M's return policy is that the tag has to be attached.

    ( I think-- or maybe that's Forever 21. Anywho, I wanted to leave it on just in case I needed to return them. They are a little big--but I'm going to wash them in hot, hot water and see if that helps--and hem them for him. Their stuff runs so big! )

    lots of giggles coming from that boy.......... ;-) you'll be here soon!

  3. Just so, soooo precious! My kids ask me to take pictures all the time and, of course, I always oblige. :)

  4. love, love, love!! every single bit of it.....and those little feet and mustard bum are just yummy :)


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