we L-O-V-E our G-R-A-E-M-E !

this is Graeme's best pal and she is a sweetie pie!
( Graeme must have pinched her or just been completely hogging the seat in the picture above! )
( I strong-armed Graeme's sweet babysitter into a picture! )
 ( I think he thought the pregnant lady was after his watermelon, wink wink! )
Yesterday, we celebrated Graeme's second birthday with our friends.
We had a fun and warm alphabet party and did I mention warm?
( It was our warmest day of the year so far--but I'm so thankful for the cool mornings here! )

Thank you to each of you who came to celebrate with us yesterday and make Graeme's birthday so very special!  For our far away family and friends, we wish you could have joined us--we missed you!

We are so very thankful for our Graeme Clarke.  He is an ever-present reminder to us of God's love and kindness.  We love you Graemie-bear and wish you the best second birthday ever!



  1. Oh, Sarah, these pictures are so nice! Love the food table, the little kids' pictures, -- the group picture is great, -- wish so much we could have been there to help celebrate -- looks like it was a fun day!

  2. mom, we missed you and PopPop, that is for sure! We're off to the pool here in a few minutes. . . the celebration continues;-)

  3. SUCH a cute party! Thanks so much for inviting us. Happy birthday, Graeme! :)

  4. thanks tons, Sarah! Graeme LOVES his airplane--and once he can take his eyes off of it, he'll love the wagon too;-) Your gifts were so beautiful and meaningful! So glad you could come--loved Mr. Slugger!!! ;-)

  5. looks like a beautiful party! love the pinwheels & I am totally doing paper straws for Eden's first birthday. :) Did you see the blog called Kara's Party Ideas? I am loving it.
    So glad it didn't rain for ya!

  6. That looks like a perfect party to me! Happy birthday, Graeme!!!

  7. Kelly--the pinwheels were super easy--I couldn't find a tutorial on line--I need to post one because everyone needs some! ;-) I do like Kara's Party Ideas--that's where I got the idea for Graeme's invitation. My favorite party blog is Jordan Ferney, Oh Happy Day-- she just moved to Paris for "a few months" with her fmaily. Nice, huh?! Definitely get the paper straws!

    Sue-- thanks for the birthday wishes for G--wish you guys could have been here!

  8. such a sweet sweet party!! i love all the fun pinwheels hanging!!


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