hospital pictures

yes, we cried and cried when we saw our Job.
Granna is a life-saver.
Job's pumpkin hat from his aunt Tricia drew many compliments and sweet comments.
mister Graeme thought mama's bed at the hospital was super comfy and the perfect place to watch some Curious George............
and, yes, it is certainly good to be home.

we'll try to catch up soon!
happy tuesday to you, friends.................


  1. You all look beautiful. I just love Job's sweater. Perfect coming home outfit. :)

  2. Congratulations on your sweet Job Hudson! Praising God with you in this time of great joy! Prayers will continue.

  3. Those are BEAUTIFUL pics. Thanks for sharing them! That photo of you and Job is a framer, for sure... Lovely!

  4. You look unbelievably beautiful for having just given birth.

    Much love your way!!!

  5. He is gorgeous and so are you! Congrats to all of you :)


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