our pumpkin

Last Saturday we ventured out to the Roloff Farm and enjoyed our time watching Graeme feed the baby animals and run through the pumpkin patch.   I especially loved watching Graeme with the baby lamb; it seemed to love Graeme and would just watch him as he ran around.  The baby llamas scared me a tad, but Graeme seemed unphased; they were very pushy about getting food!

Now we must decide what to carve into our pumpkin.........
oh the possibilities!

today marks 37 weeks for mister Job and it feels so surreal for me.
Looking forward to meeting this sweet boy--
( especially since clothes are not fitting as they need to, wink wink! )


  1. Oh! These pictures are so cute! My fave is Graeme from his posterior side -- too cute!

  2. love pumpkin fields! wow, you're so close!!! soon and so very soon. :)

  3. I love his little hands on the lambs lips.

  4. mom--I know, right? Isn't that a riot? Time for some suspenders or something for that boy;-)

    kelly--I know--I'm scared but so excited! I feel so unready to meet this little one, but then again, with Graeme being 2 weeks early, we were kind of not completely "ready" to meet him either and everything was fine. I just need to pray through it more..........

    Katie--me too! I need to write you--it looks like we are going to be in your neck of the woods this coming May. I cannot WAIT to be in Boston again and possibly see you too! woot!


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