On Saturday we ventured to the pumpkin patch in the morning ( pictures coming soon--I especially loved watching Graeme feed a lamb ) and in the afternoon, while Steve was studying and Graeme was napping, I took off for the Pearl District in Portland.  I had a couple specific errands to run, but was mostly feeling the need to take some time and think about Job.  I haven't had a lot of time to just amble down a side-walk, by myself, with a pumpkin spice latte in hand and ponder what life will be like in just a few weeks.  But this Saturday, I did.  And I am so excited to meet this little person inside of me.  To see what he looks like, to hear his cry, and to hold him and kiss his little cheeks a thousand times.  One of my errands was to find Job a coming home outfit and the perfect one found me, don't you think?  

While in the Pearl, I hit up one of my favorite paper press stores, Oblation, and purchased the map paper for a little fireplace project that I had in mind.  I told my sister this morning that I was trying to decide if my finished outcome looked neat or dorky, but I've decided that I am happy with it and love the pastel colors of the map.

Our home is coming along and we are looking forward to making more progress this week.  Some things that are on the docket are, Graeme's toddler bed and putting together his room, the garage, and the guest bedroom.  I look forward to sharing soon!


  1. I LOVE the map paper!!!

  2. thanks Sara! I'm super happy with how they turned out and even more excited to put up all of my yarn trees and bristle-brush trees for Christmas. I saw a photo on pinterest that inspired the map stuff--with a bunch of bristle-brush trees. . . love it;-)


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