We are beginning to feel like our new house is home...........
Our house has the most amazing natural light ever ( and I thought I was spoiled with the lighting in our beautiful apartment! ).  I rarely have to turn on a light before the evening arrives and we are loving soaking in the sunshine and light and saving on that electricity bill, wink wink!

We wondered how Graeme would do with the move and he seems to be doing rather well, aside from keeping himself awake and giggling away at who-knows-what for about an hour before finally falling asleep for his nap.  Cal-girl thinks she has died and gone to heaven with our backyard, even though a little squirrel has become her nemesis and likes to run back and forth in front of our sliding glass door while she naps in the sun.

Tonight, we are happily accepting a piano into our home and I am positively giddy!  We have also been looking for a guest bed as we will need one for all of our family that will be coming after Job's arrival; friends of ours are getting rid of their guest bed to make room for other things and we are the happy recipients!

Last week, I was told that local friends are throwing a shower for our Job and I was so ecstatic and thankful.  There are always a few things needed no matter if it is your first baby or baby number twenty-seven, right?  That brings me to a question for you readers-- I've used Target's brand of diapers for Graeme since he was just a few months old, but never used them when he was a newborn.  Have any of you?  I would love to hear your thoughts on how they work on newborns.

Speaking of newborn, I finally packed a hospital bag last evening and halfway expect to go into labor tonight.  Kidding.  But that is exactly what happened with Graeme.  I packed my bag ( a little over two weeks before my due date )  and the next night I went into labor!

I hope to share more progress soon, but am really thankful for all that God has allowed to be done in the short week that we have lived at our new home.  I'm hosting a painting party this Friday morning, so I will have lots of progress to report from that, I am sure!

happy wednesdaying...............


  1. I love these snippets! I see so many new little things that I love the kitty paint by number! so cute, and the magazine rack....I spy something familiar there [wink!}.....and I love the succulents, and the shelf with the very fun sissy!


  2. Loved every snippet you shared!! It looks so warm and inviting and lived in, yet magazine like! I love it. Happy house setting up... I think it's my favorite part of moving - finding new places for all of my treasures!

  3. Your new home is looking lovely already!! I used some newborn Target diapers with Ethan and loved them. I didn't get to use a lot of them, because we were given a LOT of diapers by others. . .good problem to have :) The ones I did use worked great, though! I think they worked better than Pampers.

  4. thank you! It's been fun to see progress, little by little, each day. I agree, Katie, it is super great to find the new places for treasures--and a test of my patience to just not "throw" everything up! ;-) Amy, thanks tons for the information--that is exactly what I was hoping to hear! Our friends here are throwing a shower and had asked me what I needed--I told them newborn diapers and wanted to especially request the target kind, but wanted to know that that was truly what I wanted first;-) perfect!

  5. Your snippets look great so far! Glad you got your "hello" ordered. I love mine. =) YAY for a piano & guest bed!
    I honestly can't remember if I used Target newborn dipes....I want to say I think so.....but since I've never had a prob with the other sizes, I would guess they would be fine!
    Happy almost-to-the-end preggo mama!

  6. K-awesome! more good news on the target diapers front;-) yeah, I loved our little "hello" on our apt. door--when I ordered Graeme's "jackelope" for him before he was born, TastySuite had thrown in a hello for free and I was hooked. I was so sad to peel it off and not be able to reuse it here at the new home, so definitely needed a new one! I ordered a mustard this time since our door is grey. . . I think it will be fun!

  7. Everything is SOOOOOO cute! I adore the chalkboard with the doily border- and the globe- LOVE! You have such a great style :)

  8. Looks great! Have you found the box with the newborn stuff in it?? I've been praying that one would surface so you could feel a little more 'prepared' for Job's arrival. Love all the snippets...or should I call them teasers! Can't wait to see more. I have loved the target diapers the times that I have used them.


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