thirty six weeks for mister Job...........

today marks 36 weeks for our sweet, to-be-born boy, Job Hudson
And let me be the first to say that this photograph is quite, with a capital Q, deceiving--
it should have a caption that reads something like, pregnant lady in picture is much larger than she appears, wink wink!
I'll post a side-shot soon and you'll believe me quite easily!
Do you remember the picture that we took while I was 33 weeks pregnant with Graeme?
( It involved a watermelon....... )
so, we thought a belly and pumpkin shot would just make sense for the keepsake books.............
and I loved finding this note on my chalkboard this morning.......
thankful for my supportive, amazing husband, and cannot wait to see him with both of his little boys...........

happy thursdaying............


  1. this is the cutest picture ever!! Love these belly shots! :)

    ....and I love that Stevie is so sweet to you!


  2. haha, thanks! I feel like I am three times as big as this picture and that was just last week;-( He's gonna be a big boy;-)


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