Whoo is two days old? mister sweet pants...............

just checking in to say that our sweet Job is doing well...........
two days old and loving life.

We are pretty smitten...........
and Granna, who arrived yesterday, is in love with this boy!

happy weekending from mister Job..............


  1. adorable!! congratulations!!!

  2. Oh, my. He's perfect. Sarah, I think he looks like you :) I know it probably changes every minute with babies, but this pic totally resembles his mama :) What a sweet little blessing!

  3. So precious! Congratulations on your sweet new baby!

  4. Just wanted to offer my most heartfelt and warm congratulations-- he is such a sweet little soul. What a gift. xo

  5. That little hat is just too much! How could a little guy be any cuter!? SO happy for you guys, Sarah.

  6. Love these photos - what blessings you are graced with!


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