adjustments and happenings

This week, we've had to adjust to Steve going back to work.  I do not like it, Sam I am, but I am so thankful for my mom being here.  Please pray for my mom.  She is hoping to have hip replacement surgery in December or January to relieve severe hip and back pain.  I can't imagine that chasing around an energetic two year old is helping.........  Hence the step-stool in the picture.  I'm not supposed to be picking up anything over Job's weight for six weeks ( seriously, who obeys that? ) and my mom shouldn't be lifting anything either, so Graeme has enjoyed climbing in and out of his crib via the stool this week.

I have to say that the adjusting to two has been greater than the adjustment to just one.  I am so thankful for how content Job is; he makes the adjustment as easy as possible.  We're just dealing with some, what I will call, extra-challenging behavior from Graemie-bear.  My mom keeps telling me that it is to be expected and I keep telling her to keep telling me that, wink wink.

 Here is our busy little boy.......
setting up his books, taking them down, pushing them across the floor, putting them on the bookshelf, taking them off the bookshelf..........
busy, busy, busy!
and here's our littlest.......
happy as a clam in Granna's arms
I decided to reopen Cranny for just a few weeks of craziness because I love Flinter that much, wink wink!  I am keeping the craziness to a minimum, however, with just a few items in the shop.  Welcome back, yarn trees!

happy thursdaying to you...........


  1. I'm sure your mom shared this with you, but I too struggled adjusting to 2. Jack and Annabelle are 2 years and 6 days apart in age. I was tired and my house was an unorganized disaster for a few months...ok, maybe a year. However, it wasn't hard for a whole year, I just got busy with other stuff. :) I do have to say that I am enjoying their ages right now and they are such good buddies. I'm so glad we survived the transition of 2. You will too! :) It's okay if it seems like one of them is always crying. As long as 2 aren't crying for hours on end you aren't neglecting anyone. :) You are only one person.

    Enjoying the cute pictures of your handsome boys!

  2. hang in there, my friend! I know how challenging 2 yr. old little boys can be. :) Glad your mom is there and hope she is feeling well!

  3. Both of your boys are just too cute! It's wonderful that your mom has been able to be there for you during this time -- and that Job has been content ... yay!

  4. Hello Knack's sister. :)

    I love your blog and work..have admired it since you opened up,going go peruse your shop now.


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