happy one month, sweet Jobie!

it is so hard to believe that Job turned one month old today............
we love this sweet boy so very much!
today, we were so thrilled to hear the news that Nate + Katie are engaged!  They ran the Philadelphia half together and Nate proposed at the finish line.  We couldn't be happier for them and are so thankful for God's leading in their lives.  We love Katie to death and are ecstatic to have her in our family!  Looks like we'll be heading to Boston in a few months for a very special wedding...............


  1. an awesome proposal - good job Nate! :)
    if you find yourself changing planes in Pittsburgh and need to stay for oh, a day or two....we won't complain. :)
    hope your week goes smoothly as you go solo. You ARE allowed to feed your family peanut butter only for the first 2 months ya know. =)

  2. Lots of fun things to celebrate!!! Love Graeme's bed, too- that is awesome. I hope you're doing well!!


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