PopPop's gift to Graeme ( the big-boy bed! )

well, it's hard to believe that our Graemie-bear has now transitioned to his toddler bed.......
Graeme was so excited about his new bed and every time he saw PopPop working on his bed his excitement grew by leaps and bounds.  I can't even tell you what a beautiful job my dad did on Graeme's toddler bed.  It is exactly what I had pictured in my mind and better!  We originally wanted to make this bed as a toddler bed for Graeme, but after a lot of research about pallets, we decided that we didn't want to take the risk of making a toddler bed out of pallets that could have carried acid batteries from China or whatnot, wink wink!  So, my dad discovered this bed on ohdeedoh  and we used it as our basic pattern.  We dropped and added a few things and I'm pretty sure PopPop created the greatest toddler bed ever!  Thank you so much, dad, for your labor of love on this project and so many other projects around our house ( pictures to come! ).

I'm excited to put the finishing touches on Graeme's new room and to complete Job's room as well--now that Graeme isn't occupying it anymore! A big, big thank you to my dad who hung curtain rods, built Graeme's bed, killed pesty ants, fixed our fence, took the glass doors off of the boys' bathroom shower, installed a safety gate, held and sang to Job, entertained Graeme, brought comic relief with some fantastic jokes, wink wink, and so many other things............  I love you, dad, and Graeme LOVES his new big-boy bed built especially for him by you.

happy weekending to you all!


  1. Oh, that is SOOOOOOOO cute!!! I absolutely love it. Good job, "PopPop"!

  2. I know this sounds silly, but this made me tear up! Aren't dads awesome? I love my dad -- and yours! :)


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