the grande Americano that we will never forget

Last night after putting the boys to bed, I went out for some errands, which included stopping by the good ol' Bucks of Star for a grande Americano for my Steve, who had a late night of studying ahead of him. After waiting in a sizable line, I was finally on my way home.  The temperature was somewhere around freezing last night and about an hour before I left to run my errands, it had rained a bit.

Unfortunately, the thought never occurred to me that our driveway might be slippery.  The thought also did not occur to me that when you step out of a truck, you are a little higher off the ground, thus ensuing plenty of momentum for a speedy and complete wipe out. ( I was driving our friend's Ridgeline. )

I repeat, wipe out.

And that is exactly what happened.  I merrily stepped out of the Ridgeline only to nail the concrete with my hiney.  The cherry on top was that Steve's very hot, grande, very hot, Americano, and did I mention very hot,  spilled utterly and completely all over my legs.  Truly, what is more fun than that?

So, there I was, writhing in pain, while watching steam come off my pants, and trying to reach my phone to call Steve to my rescue.

I managed to pull myself up to the truck without slipping again and called Steve.  I told him that I had fallen and asked him to come help me.  Ah, mistake number two of the evening:  failing to tell your husband the cause of your fall.   This would have been a piece of vital information for Steve.  So, being the caring husband that he is, he came running down the stairs and out of the house, full speed ahead, and the next thing I knew, I saw my husband fly past me on the pavement, yelling "son of a gun!" as he bit the pavement, mostly with his elbows.  Nothing else can happen to Steve this week or he might very well fall apart on me!  His neck and back were already sore from the car accident ( I'll have to share that story later--just thankful that my husband was okay after someone nailed him on the freeway ) and now the elbows and hiney were added to his list.

I called out to him asking if he was okay and when I knew that he was and when he knew that I was, we both laughed hysterically.  It was one of the funniest times we have shared together.  We seriously hoped that the neighbors were not watching or uploading a video to YouTube...........

I was very sad that I had spilled all of Steve's coffee, so I donned another pair of pants and headed back to Starbucks.  They were kind and gave me another grande Americano free of charge.  Needless to say, I took the exit from the truck nice and easy the second time around.

We're still laughing about this.  It ranks right up there with this story.............
hope your weekend was just as fun, wink wink!


  1. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Thanks for the chuckle, I'll share with Pat. Missed you at the North Pole. Santa

  2. oh my word. sorry to laugh at your expense...but very hilarious! glad you are both okay!

  3. Yes, so sorry to have such a good chuckle at your expense -- only because we know you're okay -- thanks for sharing!

  4. SO glad you're both okay!!

  5. This made my night. I'm only sorry we couldn't be there to experience this with you (watching of course, not wiping out).


  6. Santa, I'm sorry that us 4 elves didn't make it to the North Pole last Saturday. We tried. We really did. Next year, next year....... *OR* we'll hold a "Raise money for the Tuttle's adoption fund" fundraiser and get you set up at our house for the locals;-)

  7. That's hilarious!!! You guys will be laughing about that one for a LONG time. I can just imagine you guys limping around the next day... ;)

  8. Oh my goodness, that made me laugh! I can totally picture my hubby and I both doing the exact same thing! (Me forgetting to tell him, him being super husband and running to the rescue.) Ouch. Poor guy. So glad I found your blog!


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