hip hip hooray! wink, wink

my sweet mom is having hip replacement surgery today.........
she was scheduled to begin the process at 8 this morning, but we just received word from my dad that they are most likely beginning the surgery right now--around noon east coast time.

please pray.
we are so excited for my mom--she has been in extreme pain for a very long time.  My sister, Barb, mentioned on facebook this morning that we are looking forward to my mom being able to hike again and get back to doing all of the things that she loves to do--we sure are!
As much as we are excited for my mom, we covet your prayers for her recovery.  I'm praying especially for the first time that she has to get out of bed, which I hear is pretty soon after the surgery.
Tomorrow is my dad's birthday--happy birthday dad--I love you more than words can say.  And I'm pretty sure that mom feeling better is one of the best gifts that you could receive!

photographs by Aubrie Legault of CG photography


  1. Your mom is gorgeous. Will be praying for her as I take the train home tonight.

  2. Isn't she, though? Thank you so much, Katie, for praying! She's in a lot of pain right now and that just makes me so sad.

    I am so excited about the possibility of seeing you guys when we are in Boston in April! ( for Nate's wedding! )

  3. Your Dad is gorgeous, too!

  4. dad, you are a complete mess! ;-)


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