the ocean could not contain the words..........

when you live with the person who makes life worth living,
when the father of your children makes mothering become a beautiful thing to you,
when you're married to a man who is everything that he appears to be and not just claims to be,

when you're in love with the person who taught you what it is to truly love,
and when the one who makes you the happiest person on earth is the same one who you share your entire life with,
then it is no small thing to adequately celebrate all that they are............

I love you, Steve, with all of my heart
a very happy, happy thirtieth birthday to you--
thank you for giving us reason to celebrate, now, and again on the 30th of this month--
looking forward to celebrating "thirty on the thirtieth" with you!

December 5th, 1981 was a beautiful, beautiful day............

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