twenty eleven Christmas...........

a very, merry christmas to all of our friends!
this year, I cut some corners and only sent printed christmas cards to our family and church family
between designing and ordering Job's birth announcement ( I hope to e-announce that soon, too, wink wink! ) and ordering Christmas cards, I am plum wore out in the mailing department and I do hope that you'll accept our e-Christmas card!

merry Christmas!


  1. Thanks for sharing your festive card! It is beautiful and unique...just what one would expect from cranny + b. What a "full" family photo that is! How special your Christmas will be with Graeme at such a great age (wink) and your little Job's first one. Merry, merry Christmas, Sarah.

  2. thanks, Erin! Merry Christmas to you too. I need to write you a message. . . it looks like we'll be in Boston in April and I am super hoping to possibly drive your way and meet up for a lunch or something!


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