good things come. . .

 in small packages........
( I'm really writing about my new rug, although we love every ounce of our sweet Job. )
good things come to those who wait, right?
I've been after the perfect rug for our bedroom for almost three years.
 I first laid eyes on this rug almost a year ago, but I didn't like the price. 
Occasionally, I would check back and see if it was on sale, and finally, it was on clearance with an additional 30% off and free shipping to boot. If I told you the purchase price, you probably would not believe me...............

I am thrilled with my new six foot, round, chevron rug.  
And, I love that it literally matches every room in my home.  
So, if for some reason I tire of it being in my bedroom, it has plenty of new places to go. 
( smile )

oh, and I'm pretty in love with that sweet face staring straight at the camera!
( rug found here )

happy mondaying!


  1. love it. and that nakey baby is pretty sweet too. =)

  2. kelly, I ALWAYS think of you whenever my babies are just in their diapers for their pictures--I remember when Graeme was little you joked about him never wearing clothes;-) I promise-- they do really wear clothes! ;-) I just think they're super cute in their diapers for pictures when they so little! ;-)

  3. Love, love the rug, Sarah! Can you share where you found it?

  4. hi Bethany,
    I'm so sorry-- I added the link after I initially posted the blog post. If you read it via google reader or something similar, it wouldn't have shown up. Anywho, I purchased the rug through RugsUSA ( or is it USARugs. . .I can't remember! ). I put a link directly to the rug on the post--try that--it was a GREAT deal! Are you so excited about the baby? I am so happy for you!

  5. Thanks, Sarah! I am falling in love with this pattern and was thinking how fabulous it would be in his little room! Thanks for posting. We are so excited - I have enjoyed all your posts and pictures even more since we found out our little Boo was a little man! good things to come!

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