some goals for twenty twelve

I didn't make any formal resolutions for this new year, but I have been pondering a few changes that I'd like to commit some time to throughout the next several months.  I thought I would begin, challenged by theNester's post, by listing out a few goals that I have for my home............

+ Live simply so that others may simply live --E. Seaton
I'm a young mama to two young boys.  My life right now needs to be simple and not just for my sake, but for the sake of my husband and children.  When my household is run well, my children and husband reap the benefits.  A busy social calendar will come in time, I'm sure of it, but this year shouldn't be the year.
( I should probably confess that this calendar is one of my favorite things hanging on my wall at the moment.  I really love the look of vintage maps--I love the colors--so refreshing and vibrant.  This Ikea frame was a simple idea for framing my 2012 wall calendar. )

+ appreciate the little things and the big things
I'm a Starbucks' chai addict.  There, I admitted it, wink wink!
I make my own at home, but I've appreciated having a gift card in my pocket lately and have been treated to several real chais........which brings me to my main point:  my husband and I were given several very significant gifts recently and I want to be someone who is known for being appreciative for what they have.  And not only that, but someone who takes care of what they've been given.  I want my home to be well cared for.  I want to be a grateful person--for the little chais and for the big iphones and monetary gifts of life.  ( I should also admit that I am already an addict to the instagram app! )

+ have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful -- W. Morris
This quote challenges me in the spending department concerning my home.  I don't want to buy the first thing that my eye meets.  I want to buy more handmade.  I want to purchase things for my home that are unique and beautiful to me and that are loved by my family.

( which can be difficult at times because I am surrounded by boys, wink wink. )
Time for some pink, er, some tangerine and pomegranate and glitter!
like in the next three years.
( that was not an announcement :)
+ live cleaner
As in, taking fifteen minutes before I go to bed to make sure that all of the dishes are put away, all of the toys are back on the shelf, the pillows on the couch, the papers filed, etc.........  This is something that I have already put in practice, for the most part, but want to continue doing.

+ Do what you can, with what you have, where you are--
for me, this means pulling out the sewing machine a little bit more.  There are plenty of things that I can make for my home with just a little bit of fabric and a little more time.  Even though they are flowery, my husband has already complimented my new pillows in our living room several times.  That makes me really happy.

+ Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work
                                                               --Booker T. Washington
Mommying is hard work, but if I keep up with things a little at a time, the work doesn't seem so overwhelming.  My goal for laundry this year is one load per day ( if needed ), folded and put away.  Because I have two small boys, I am usually forced to use this principle anyway, but I do not always follow through on the putting away part. I'm determined to stick with it, though, because at the end of the week, I thoroughly enjoy having all of my laundry done instead of eighty million loads needing to be done.

+ taking time to play
keeping up with the laundry, taking 15 minutes before bed to tidy up--
these are the things that allow me to play more during the day with my Graeme-bear.
And by the way, Anthropologie has the most beautiful matching game ever if you are in the market for one!

+ Read and journal more.
For Christmas, my husband's brother and his fiancee gifted us Tim Keller's new book, The Meaning of Marriage.  I've begun reading it and it seems to be a wonderfully challenging book.  I also want to document my boys' lives more.  I should probably start by writing one word in Job's baby journal--also pictured above!

I thoroughly enjoy reading to my Graeme-bear, with Jobie looking on from his bouncy seat, but I am committed to continue reading to my boys.  I am constantly amazed by what Graeme learns through reading.


so now that I've made my goals public, all of you can keep me accountable!
happy goal making and keeping..................

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  1. i think these are all really fabulous goals- especially love live cleaner! and also make the best of what you have.... love that!
    and you made me laugh with your "that was not an announcement!" :)

  2. These are great, Sarah -- so proud of you!
    At one time, I had this saying on a piece of paper that you had calligraphied for me -- any chance of getting it again?
    "have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful" -- W. Morris
    I kept it on the fridge for years -- I don't know what ever happened to it -- maybe the move!

  3. These are lovely goals and they have just challenged me in some areas too! I love the simplicity of them but the real factor! Days are so smooth when I stick to the basics and finish them to the end. The other times...not so pretty. And I was JUST about to ask your sister when you'd be on Instagram! I'm lookin' you up, kid! ;)

  4. the gift of an iphone....that is so suh-weet!! You probably didn't get the picture I texted you a while back...but now you would. hehe. :)
    Excited for your blessings!
    the laundry is maybe what surprised me the most this year. we added one person, but I swear we doubled our laundry. :) I am trying to do a load a day more often as well.
    happy goal-keeping!

  5. Anonymous12:08 PM
    any clues?


  6. mom--absolutely! ;-)

    Erin--you should find me under crannyandb ;-) and, hey, I have some exciting news......... I'm coming your way!!!!! I hope you will be in town the week of April 28th because I would love to meet you in person!!! ;-)

  7. Heidi6:10 PM

    Loved reading these! They echo so much of what's been running through my mind and heart as we started the new year. And, I'm totally finding the idea of keeping things simple to be *key* with two little boys right now. We choose to opt out of most of the playgroups, shop at mainly 1 grocery store (even if it means a bit higher grocery budget!), keep to a schedule, etc. just to keep life as simple as it can be. Some days it's hard, because I feel home-bound and unsociable, but we seem happier on those days!

  8. THANKS! Found you!

    And, eh-hem, what exactly did you say? You're heading my way, hey hey hey hey???!!! I knew 2012 was feeling great! ;) So, pray tell, where exactly and for what...if you are able to reveal such things!? (a girl has to start planning these things!) That would be SO GREAT to get to meet up with you to actually MEET YOU!!!!!

  9. Erin! yes! we will be in MA the week of April 23! We are flying in for Steve's brother's wedding and will be visiting my brother and his family in New York. My husband looked your town up on the good ol' map and he said you are exactly halfway! yay! So. . . . here's hoping you are in town that week and that we could meet up! I would LOVE that!!! I'll keep you posted!


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