thomas kemper yarn bottles

my recycling bin is a little less full these days..........
because I have several bottles, in different colors of yarn, strewn across my mantlepiece

they look beautiful, especially at night, with candles lit and shining off of the glass
and I must admit,
it's one really easy way to use up some extra yarn

happy weekending!

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  1. oh so cute!!!! i have been saving all my wine bottles (not that there are THAT many) to do something with... love this!

  2. hehe;-) I would love to see a picture of your completed ones!

  3. Oh my! So cute. Did you see my last blog post? Looks like we were thinking alike ;) Lovin' your colors. . .

  4. cute, Amy! Well, I can't take any credit for mine. A friend of mine told me a while back about some she saw on pinterest and she thought I should try them. I'm glad I did!


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