wait, what? you don't carry your iphone around in a sock?

for now, I do.
that one. ^
my husband about had a coronary when he realized I was carrying my new iphone around in one of his white athletic socks.
I thought it was pretty ingenius, myself.
( It was a clean sock, just so we all know. )

I did, however, upgrade my current "cover" to one of my socks.
It's prettier.

Any suggestions for covers?
Steve purchased a black otterbox for his iphone and I am considering ordering the same but in white.
I'm on the hunt for something durable, functional, and attractive.
And in that order.
( okay, kind of in that order, wink wink! )
Vintage cutie...
here's our vintage cutie........
this sweater was worn by my brothers when they were Graeme's age. 
( They are now in their forties. )
knit by a neighbor of my mom's father.........
I love that Graeme fits into it!

happy mondaying!


  1. Aww, brings back sweet memories of two sweet little boys!

  2. I have a pretty Speck case that I like for my iphone. But I also have a screen protector on it too. The otter was a little too boxy for me. Good luck finding one. I like the sock idea! haha!

  3. Sarah, you should check out this post! http://ashleyannphotography.com/blog/2011/10/31/diy-vintage-goodies-iphone-case/

    Seems like something you would love.

  4. I have a Cath Kidston soft shell case (not hard plastic) that I love! She has lots of other pretty ones, last I checked. http://www.amazon.com/Cath-Kidston-iphone-cover-London/dp/B004QPY5WO/ref=sr_1_cc_1?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1327373612&sr=1-1-catcorr

  5. This makes me giggle...my friend just posted some really fun options for iPhone covers .http://www.lesleywgraham.com/2012/01/pretty-protection.html
    Makes me want a new phone. Love your cute sock. ;)

  6. ha! a sock! That's hilarious. That could become the trend. I do LOVE the bamboo case that plum tree studio linked to (#5 of the choices in that post). I got all kinds of comments and compliments in the 1 year that I had it. I stopped using it because I wasn't a fan of sliding off the end of it in order to sit it on my docking station every night. I'm lazy. My problem with an Otter Box is that it's bulky! I'm using a red rubber kind of case from Target that I like, but I'm wanting something cool. So, I'm anxious to check out the ideas from other people on here. thanks. :) oh- I can see you doing that "Under the Sycamore" idea that Amy posted. It will be neat to see what you end up with. Do share!

  7. Can't wait to check out everyone else's options! When I first got my iPhone (pre-case), I kept it in a Levengers gift box that was just the right size. And inside that it was a soft pouch that something leather came in. So you can imagine the dismay I was always in when a call came in!!! But I dropped my first phone and cracked the screen so I was completely babying it!!!

    My current love is my kate spade vintage newspaper cover. She is (of course) pricey, but I swung a deal at an outlet. She has a new bright happy yellow one with a black old fashioned phone receiver on it and a pretty white one with beautiful woman eyes (think audrey hepburn). But the new ones are $$$. Can't wait to see what you find! OH. And my case is hard plastic, but not bulky!

    And LOVE LOVE LOVE this little sweater. It looks to be in perfect condition too!

  8. thank you all very much for the suggestions! I still haven't ordered one but I think I am getting closer. maybe. :)

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