you'll want to read this.............

I am probably completely biased, but I think Graeme is the sweetest two year old I have ever met.  We just began potty training yesterday and I am so proud of him.

This morning Graeme got a little preoccupied with his cars, and from the kitchen I heard his little bewildered cry, that really means, mama it's too late.  Pointlessly, I rushed him to the potty, and gave him the old speel about telling mama before you start to go potty.  I hope that I never forget his little response to me.

He said, "I'm sorry about da socks, and da peepee on da floor, and da carpet.  It's yucky."

After I picked my jaw up from the floor, I grabbed his sweet face and kissed him about ten times and said, "It is okay.  It is yucky--but mama loves you so much and I'm going to help you learn to use the potty so that you don't peepee on the floor.  It is okay."

oh boy, I love him.

sweet with a capital S.
right there.
plain and simple.

and on that note, happy weekending!


  1. So sweet it brought tears to my eyes! Love that boy AND his Mama!

  2. me too, mom. I just couldn't believe that he was able to think through all of that and that he even thought to say "sorry"-- not that he needed to at all, which is why I felt bad;-( He is so sweet. AND, he is doing AMAZINGLY well on the potty! I'm so proud of him!


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