the best little yellow sweater and pinterest gone bad

have you ever seen a better sweater? 
we made a trip to the outlets this weekend and when I saw this sweater for my Job, I could not say no to it!
Nsyu9U on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
so, I saw this outside photograph idea on pinterest and I thought I'd give it a try...........

poor Job couldn't even open his eyes because of the brightness--and we even live in the cloudy pacific northwest!  ( I still think it is adorable even with his eyes closed! )  But we didn't let the brightness spoil our fun because we had some major celebrating to do: our sweet Jobie turns four whole months old today.  To celebrate, he woke up and chatted with himself for about forty five minutes-- just squealing and cooing. I l-o-v-e this stage and remember it well from our Graeme-bear.

my husband gave me a really hard time about my roman numeralage.  
( or the lack thereof, wink wink! )

happy four months, Jobie!
we love you to pieces.............


  1. adorable!!!! it's so cute and yes you needed it! i love the photo idea, too.

  2. cute! that made me laugh! I kept staring at the "4" and wondering if i was losing it! :) cute idea.

  3. LOVE the sweater!! Cute pictures, too. I saw that one on Pinterest as well, and keep forgetting to try it :)

  4. thanks ladies! Amy, if you have an overhang on your porch out back ( or front for that matter ) I think it might work out better-- it wouldn't be so bright on baby's eyes : ) I almost retried it, but didn't have the time and Job didn't have the patience for another take either :)

  5. adorable! This is so cute, open eyes or not, correct numerals or not. ;) I would never call it "gone bad"!

  6. what a darling little boy. so happy to find your blog too! thank you for sharing your story and struggles. i'm so grateful you have this little piece of heaven in your life; what a happy life you have since you know of your blessings. i'm so inspired!! can't wait to look around your blog!

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