for the joy of human love

I love these three people so much that, at times, I think my heart could literally burst.
I did not want to come home from this beautiful place.
If I could have stopped time, I most certainly would have done so.

The weather was impeccable, almost sixty degrees with the sun peeking out to say hello every now and then. We loved every minute of our little holiday to Seaside and arrived home rested and with hearts full. Friends of ours very sweetly offered us some bonus time on their condo and we rather happily obliged.

These beautiful memories will live in my mind for as long as God gives me the ability to remember.

I cannot tell you what this vacation meant to our little family. I am grateful today.

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  1. Great pictures -- yes! -- I wish I could have seen him enjoying the water and sand -- I love the little footprints!
    I'm glad you had such a nice time -- God is good.

  2. These photographs are just beautiful. I want to walk into them.

    You've also made me long for the seaside. There is something so cleansing about it. Glad you all enjoyed your time away!

  3. very nice! great pics, glad you had a good time~


  4. these pictures are so beautiful! I love the overexposure and softness of them {and all the people in them} miss fantastic photographer :)

    so glad it was a great time!


  5. These pictures are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

  6. These pictures are perfection! The light!

  7. I think I relaxed a little just looking at the sea. :) so glad you had such a fabulous little getaway.


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