mister job and his vintage duds + a yarn letter

Finally, a completed yarn letter for mister Jobie.  
( what's that joke about the cobbler's children having no shoes? )
I used a new Martha Stewart yarn that I have recently fallen in love with. The yarn is so ginormous that a completed project has the look of a cable knit sweater, no?  And speaking of Job, when my mother-in-law visited us at Christmas, she brought along a few items that belonged to my husband when he was a baby.  I am so happy that she brought them to me because they are the sweetest things ever.  I snapped these pictures of Jobie a few weeks ago.  He is sporting a little pinafore that belonged to Steve.  ( I added the leg warmers because the blue seemed to call to the yellow, wink! )

pretty sure those sweet little legs
in those happy legwarmers
are a perfect dose of monday medicine

so, on that note,

happy monday!


  1. He looks so long! :)

  2. soooooo cute! Love the little "B" and the legwarmers :)

  3. Sweet Job looks adorable, love the chunky J, and LOVE the new blog header!! Would you be sad if I copied your idea on our blog? I just love how it really gives more of a peak into your life. . .more than just one picture can.

  4. Jess-- he IS! It's so funny how he looks so different in all of Graeme's clothes from how G did. It's like deja vu every time I try on another outfit-- so fun : ) By the way, I should tell you--I am probably not the one to talk to about my serger--I do love it-- it is incredible, but I probably have not used it to it's capacity!

    Sara-- thanks! I so wish we could've been at Skye's party this weekend!

    Amy-- go right ahead : ) That's one of the biggest reasons I like it too-- I think some people were in the dark as to why I changed my blog name to Cranny+B. . .I hope the header helps people to understand that my blog is a merge of my life and my shop : )

  5. Oh, I love that chunky yarn!!! And mister Job's little outfit is adorable!

  6. Love the new header! How did you do that?

  7. thanks, Loraena : )
    I just used Picnik's collage app

  8. Just saw these pictures -- they didn't come up last time -- oh, so sweet -- can't wait to see him in April! Just want to kiss his little smile!


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