what if I told you. . .

what if I told you that...........
when we found out the total Uncle Sam would be giving back to us this year, my husband said I should buy a KitchenAid mixer. I've wanted one for a while now, but after a baking fiasco with my current mixer this week, I'm ready to sign myself up for one of these beauties.

I am ecstatic about the KitchenAid deal at Kohl's right now.  The question is, howintheworld am I supposed to pick a color? I've narrowed it down to the four colors above.  I am really, times a million, sold on the pistachio color ( bottom left ), but it appears to be in matte finish only on the Kohl's site-- and I have my heart set on the glossy finish.  The others are close seconds. ( Honestly, I don't think I am brave enough to do the orange--I think I might hate myself for choosing that color, oh, about two weeks post-purchase--but it is fun, isn't it? )

To tell you the truth, I've agonized over purchasing a KitchenAid for several years now.  It's kind of ridiculous.  If you have a KitchenAid mixer and love it, could you let me know?  What are your favorite things about the KitchenAid?  Help me make this decision before another year passes me by, wink wink!

I'll keep you posted!
( many thanks for your help! )


  1. I can't bake or make bread without it. I do my pie crusts in it too. I have a 60 minute roll recipe....need I say more? I use it for everything and love, love, love it. You can get attachments to shred cheese and so much more. It's fabulous. Quit dragging your feet. :)

  2. Just pick your FAVORITE color. I have a red one...I have loved red since I can remember...as far back as always wearing out the red crayon in the box before even touching the others. I love love love that making homemade chocolate chip cookies is a breeze AND they are the.best.ever. I haven't experimented much but that alone makes my life so much easier! I have some attachments too. Grated about 5lbs. of cheese in minutes :). You will love it - no matter what color you get.

  3. K, L-O-V-E my mixer! Got the 6 quart professional (the head does not come up) and absolutely could not live without it . . . no matter what I have mixed it doesn't jump around and is soo solid . . . love the attachments, especially the grater. It is super easy to clean and it can do everything you need in one place. It is one of those appliances that I have never regretted buying; I do regret not getting a brighter color, but maybe as my color taste change in the future I will be glad I got black (not that I had a choice at the time). So enjoy your hunt and all the new things you can do . . . SOOO excited for you!

  4. Someone gave mine to me about 7 years ago and I love it. I don't have any of the special attachments or anything (although the pasta roller is the one I'm most interested in...) but it's definitely worth it just for the power it offers. It saves your arm and a load of time and the motor on your hand mixer many times over because it's so strong. And you will end up baking better b/c you will, say, cream the butter and sugar for 4 minutes and get a lot more air in there. And you'll add less flour to your bread b/c you're letting the machine knead it rather than doing it by hand and getting annoyed at the stickiness, etc. And you can double or triple recipes that you would never be able to mix with your own arm in such massive quantities. Anyway, yeah!!=) The pistachio is beautiful. But I have the white and have to admit that the neutrality has probably been good considering I've had four different kitchen wall colors in that time.=)

  5. What do I not love about my KitchenAid mixer? I bought mine at Kohl's not long after we were married. I love the color options you have. (I didn't have as many.)

    I probably have used the dough hook the most -- bread doughs and such. Mine came with a shredder/slicer which I have found very useful for potatoes, salads, etc.

    The mixer has good power and it is a cinch to whip up meringues and icings.

    In honesty, I really do enjoy kneading dough by hand (a stress reliever) so my mixer does not get as much use as it did at the beginning.

    I hope you enjoy yours!

  6. LOVE my kitchen aid and honestly can't imagine life without one. My parents bought me mine as as a special birthday gift before I was married. (Yeah I was a weird one and wanted stuff for my new 'home' before I even had one. = ) ) My mom had one growing up and I can't even imagine using anything else. I love the basic model, it has everything I need. I've actually used higher priced models at friends houses and disliked them. I would have picked the pistachio one for you as well. = ) I have a white one and the nice thing is my kitchen has changed over the years but it still goes with whatever I do. ( I do have to be honest though I'd love one with a pop of color. I've seen some awesome decals done on a white one, but I'm not sure I'm that adventurous.

  7. What a great purchase, Sarah! I saved all my birthday money and Christmas money our first year of marriage to purchase mine - and I find that it is not an extravagant purchase, but rather a necessary purchase for a domestic diva - such as yourself. So, needless to say - I use mine at least twice a week to make bread and anything else that I don't have hands for while I'm multi-tasking in the kitchen.I have a silver one - but I do love, love the pistachio - go ahead, if you love it, you should get it!

  8. I got mine from Josh (it had been a special request on my list) a Christmas or two after we moved to Oregon and we love it. I honestly think it makes baked goods taste better somehow. And Josh even used it last night to scramble eggs (which I've never done). He declares it makes them "fluffier". Mine is boring black though - I wasn't brave enough at the time to get a pretty color. I would probably still go for black, but I do think the pistachio is beautiful!

  9. Anonymous5:14 AM

    You will love it so much, you won't care what color it is... You can make a cover for it if the color ever doesn't work for your decor. Mine is metallic chrome, I bought it off eBay for a good deal, so I just got the color available... I would easily have chosen red, though.

  10. thank you, everyone, for your tips! I took your advice--I went with buying a favorite color and I MADE MY PURCHASE!!! I am so excited to welcome this new member into our family : ) and I will post pictures of her soon : ) thanks again for your help!

  11. Well, I was finally getting on here to tell you to BUY IT! Glad you already did. You will love it; I use it all the time.


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