a beautiful reality

today he is five months old.
five whole months.

I love his huge, blue eyes and those lo-ong lashes.
I love his death-grip like hugs and raspy giggles.
I love that he smiles with his entire face.
I love that he is an absolute fire-cracker.
And I wonder how we ever made it without him.

Sometimes it's hard to see the beauty in difficult circumstances.  Things can look dark and bleak. And then, all of the sudden, you look back and you see things differently.  Much differently. Things that you once just heard about suddenly become beautiful realities. ( Job 42:5 )

A couple of weeks ago, one of those realities was brought to the forefront of my mind.  One of my best friends recently experienced the loss of a baby through miscarriage.  I cried with her and was reminded of our own loss and journey through it.  As dark of a time as that was in our lives, the peace was deeper than the pain.  I cannot explain it.  Well, I can: grace.  But grace can be difficult to pin down sometimes, you know?  I guess that is one of it's glorious qualities, really.  It truly is immeasurable and beyond understanding.  I'm thankful that my friend is experiencing that same grace.

Through our conversation, I realized the reality of God's goodness to us through Job.  God took an unborn baby from us and later gave us Job.  You give and take away, blessed be Your name.  If miscarriage had not been a part of our life, we would not have our Jobie.  Humanly it would have been entirely impossible since my first pre-natal appointment for Job was the due-date of my second pregnancy.  

Job, I am so thankful for you and love you beyond what I could ever write here. I cannot express how grateful I am for what God has taught me in His giving you to us.

happy five months, sweet boy.

I believe in a peace that flows deeper than pain
That broken find healing in love
Pain is no measure of His faithfulness
He withholds no good thing from us
No good thing from us, no good thing from us


  1. His grace is a beautiful reality indeed, especially when we taste it and when we see others tasting it, like you're letting us here. It's really encouraging to hear how God works and blesses--my husband was just telling me this weekend that in all the suffering Job endured (which is what I often focus on when I think about him), God has a purpose, like James writes, of compassion and mercy: blessing Job far beyond what he'd already been given. I'd never thought about that before: that when God takes something or we sacrifice something, He never leaves it like that. We never outgive Him. He renews and blesses tenfold, even in this life (!!).

    PS - Much less relevant but true nonetheless: love your pillows!

  2. sometimes it's hard to see the path He has ordained for us until we're on the other side. But it's always good! Job is looking so sweet!

  3. What a precious post, Sarah. Thank you for sharing. Happy 5 months, Job!

  4. thanks so much, ladies, for chiming in.

    ps. yes, Shanna, that is one of the meanings behind our little Job's name for us-- that we would see God's goodness more and that we would realize his purposes are perfect, even though pain might be a truer reality for the present.

    Kelly-- I mailed off your giveaway yesterday and a little something extra for miss Eden : )

    Bethany--thank you--I am so excited about your little boy! Cannot wait to meet him through photos :) You have a good camera, right? : )

  5. What a sweet post! Your boys are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  6. What a sweet post! Your boys are BEAUTIFUL!!!


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