The Color Run is coming to Portland!

( photo credits: ALL photographs are from the official Color Run site )

Have you ever seen something so great?  Have you ever heard of The Color Run?  I hadn't until just a couple of days ago. The Color Run is coming to Portland on Saturday, September 29th and I really want Steve and myself to register for it--and believe me, that's saying something, because I never get excited about running! ( Registration opens April 2nd. )

Since I'm not really up on, ahem, running fees, the registration price of $40 seemed a bit steep to me.  You want me to pay money to run? ( totally kidding! )  A lot of the raised monies go to local charities, so if I am on board with those charities, I will sign up for this in a heartbeat.  ( I tried to find out who are the sponsors behind The Color Run as well as trying to find out the charities that will be benefited, but came up empty handed.  Let me know if you find out! ) Otherwise, you can bet your best pair of boots that I will be on those sidelines throwing handfuls of color to make the runners look like, and I quote, "they fell into a Willy Wonka. . .tie dyed. . .vat of colored goodness".

Go here to find out when The Color Run is coming to your city.

p.s. I have several family members and friends who are runners.
I expect visits in September, people! ( smile )


  1. Ours is this weekend! We are so very excited! I will let you know just how much fun we had becoming rainbows! :)

  2. oooooh that looks soooo fun! I love running! But I've stopped racing b/c of the fees. The treadmill and the sidewalk are free. But that looks awesome!!

  3. Dana-- how fun! I want to see pictures!

    Danielle-- doesn't it, though! Yeah, I think if I were a runner, this is one race I would splurge on--or at least be on the sidelines throwing the powder! : )

  4. i'm from portland, too, and i just signed up yesterday! the money is worth it for me because the experience with my friends will be worth it. (and the photos! [: )


  5. eva,
    you are so right-- and you'll definitely have to post your pictures. Dana ( the first commenter on this post ) just posted hers and it makes me so excited about the run! So very fun!

  6. Hi! New follower that just came across your blog :) Your photos are lovely! The color run is coming to my town for the first time this summer and I can't wait - so excited!

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