I am a snap-happy mama with a relatively nice camera.  I love to chronicle my God-given life here on this little bloggity-blog-blog and I do that mostly by photographing the people, places, and things that are special to me and to those I love.  If I were to ever open my own photography business ( dreaming here ), I would call it Noun Photography, for obvious reasons.  So there's that.  However, since my photography skills have a very, very long way to go, I don't foresee the grand opening of Noun Photography anytime soon. But please don't steal my name because I really, really, really like it. ( smile )

I am writing this post because I have pondered the following thoughts for many, many months now.  And, eventually what we think about comes out, right?  And gets written on a blog.  And here we are.  

Photography is tricky.  It's sneaky with a capital S, because it can make everything appear perfect, when in reality, things can be falling apart.  Take, for instance the photographs on this post.  Both were taken mili-seconds apart yet drastically different in appearance, thanks to different focus points on mister Nikon.  It's obvious, in the photograph above, that a dust rag needs to be my new best friend, yet, in the photograph below, everything is crystal clear and amazingly dustless! ( wink ) Do you like the dust on my mirror, by the way?  Nice.  It served a purpose though: it forced me to finally write this post. 

Okay, so here is my point: I'm trying to become better and better at photography
( I use that term very loosely! ) so that my end product is authentic and real and unaltered. I want to be for reals.  Holla!  The thing is, I know editing programs are needed, to an extent.  A necessary evil of sorts.  I, for one, love the power that a little extra exposure and highlighting can do on so many of our "pacific northwest" days.

This week, I made myself go through the exercise of capturing images exactly as I saw them through my own two eyes.  I adjusted my settings.  And adjusted them again.  And again and again.  It was work, but it was worth it.  It was worth it because the images that I ended up with were pure.  They did not need to be altered and their authenticity elated me.

I don't have time to elaborate on this next point, but the above conversation with myself led me down the path of self-examination.  Am I who I say I am?    Am I authentic and real?  Do I blog reality or do I add extra exposure and color and tint my life so that others don't see the dust?

^ Can of worms. Right there.

Maybe it's just me.  Maybe I'm just really behind in this photography thing and everyone else has already gotten off the editing software bandwagon? Maybe my relatively nice camera just really got me thinking about authenticity and intentionality.

happy weekending--the authentic way--whatever that means ( wink )


  1. i am so behind on it- i don't edit any of my photos! what you see is what i snapped. :)

  2. I have thought about that many times. . .do I just show the pretty on my blog, or am I being for real? Definitely a can of worms :) Did you get the 35mm lens? I have had it for over a year now, and LOVE it!! So fun what you can do with it. BTW, have you discovered Creative Live, yet? I have learned so much from their classes, and they're free while they're live!

  3. That whole issue was a major influence on why I don't blog regularly anymore. When I went through some really hard times, it wasn't that I was completely unwilling to be real, it was more that I didn't know where to start and gradually just stopped blogging. Now I'm at a place where I'd like to blog more regularly and authentically again, but I'm so out of the habit!

  4. Oh, Sarah, I feel the exact same way! I'm still wrestling with it and trying to figure out a balance.

  5. Yes.

    I know I said this on Instagram already, but you've got to pick up Grace for the Good Girl. It hits on some of this same stuff, and that's why I like it.

  6. Very good thoughts. . .


  7. very clever title for conveying your message

  8. Cassie-- I think that can be a good thing-- that's where I want to be : )

    Amy, I do have and love the 35mm! I think it is my favorite of my lenses. I haven't heard of Creative Live before. I'll have to check them out sometime. Right now, I've been doing some old school learning--I've been reading books and really enjoying learning through that medium about photography. I'm a slow learner, too, so it helps to have it in written format, so that when I forget, I can just reopen the book and read it again! : )

    Loraena, I hope that you are able to begin blogging again. I think it's a sort of healing to be able to write things out sometimes, at least for me anyway.

    Laura, I hear you. I've been meaning to tell you, though-- I love how you champion your husband on your blog. To that, I say, keep writing! : )

    Shanna-- you'll be ever so happy: I ordered the book. Let me rephrase that: Steve ordered the book for me! : ) I'll let you know!

    Beth--thank you :)

  9. Great post.

    As a professional photographer I have to edit, but I agree that photographs should not be fake. I look at editing the same way I do for getting myself ready for the day. Could I go out in public with out a shower or a little mascara on? (Yes, and I do.) But there is nothing wrong with giving my hair a little shampoo and throwing on some eye shadow to enhance the God-given beauty. As long as I don't over-do it (editing or make-up). I think your just presenting a polished product, but it's still very real.

    As far as blogging and in life in general... I think being authentic is always best. :)

    Love ya Skate! Thanks for sharing.

  10. PS. I actually like the first shot... very artistic looking. And I love "Noun Photography" lucky for you I already have a business name. ;)

  11. "Am I who I say I am? Am I authentic and real?"
    I read this last night and have been thinking on it all day today. Thank you for the push to dig deeper.

    Love this space.
    Love, Lindsay

  12. thank you, ladies for chiming in-- Aubs, you hit the nail on the head-- I love that I have a pro photographer as a good friend : )

    Lindsay, I need pushes to dig deeper every day, that is for sure! thanks for stopping by!

  13. i really love this post. totally relate. been thinking a lot about it lately.

  14. Auburn Soul Photography,

    thanks tons for stopping by. this post seemed to strike a chord with several friends. I'm glad I'm not in this boat alone--it's been so encouraging to hear from others! thank you : )

  15. found your blog. love this post. couldn't agree more!

  16. Amanda,

    thanks for stopping here-- so glad that this post struck a chord with you and thank you for taking the time to let mek now : )

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