it's the answer ( and a winner announcement )


There are some days when the world is just not right until you submerge yourself in a warm bubble bath, complete with Thomas the Train, your Rubber Ducky, a slew of foam letters, and toys that were meant for the beach but work oh-so-nicely for bath toys too.  And today is that day.  He played for well over an hour, washing away the grumpies.  I love you, bath time. ( I love you more, Graeme-bear. )

And I super, duper love these video clips from last evening.
Maybe we should have tried bath time to improve our mood? ( smile )
We tried really, really hard to do a special "vlog" to announce the winner for the Gingiber give-away, and well, we just couldn't quite get it...............

we even tried again............

and, well, fail.  That's okay. He's super cute!
In case you couldn't hear my incessant whispering, Kelly, you are the winner! I am so glad that you won!

happy mondaying...............


  1. i feel the same way about a nice soak- it can end a bad day well! :)

  2. Cassie-- I totally agree. I'm glad Graeme got his nice little soak-- I'm off to make a home-made chai for now and hoping to catch my soak later tonight! Mine might take a long time--I have lots of grumpies to wash off, haha! : )

  3. OH YIPPY!!!!!!!! so excited, that is going to be a super cute addition to E's room! (btw, Graham watched the video with me and was tickled that his name was Graeme too. Though he kept calling him Zephyr because he has another curly-haired friend with that name. =) thanks for the great giveaway!

  4. Thanks for the chuckle!

  5. Kelly--I was so happy that you were the winner! Can you message me your address? I will get it out to you over the next week or so! That is too funny about Graham--wish our G boys could meet : )

    mom-- I thought you might enjoy those videos : ) haha!


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