my iPhone cover from Ukraine

I would like to announce that I did indeed finally order a cover for my iPhone. It arrived this week, in this beautifully stamped and addressed envelope, from the Ukraine.

When I first saw the cover, on the front page of Etsy, I knew it was the one. Steve happened to be standing nearby and I said, rather excitedly, "that's it!" He was a little surprised.

Did I surprise you too?  I know.  It's kinda funny, huh.  What can I say?  I love unique and different things.  It made me smile. I rather love my iPhone eater! Graeme thought it was pretty neat too!

I realized that what I truly needed was a cover, not a case.  I didn't want to order both to achieve my ultimate goal: needing something that would protect my phone from all the carnage in my purse. You know, carnage, as in: keys, loose change, lip gloss, pens, and of course, stranded matchbox cars. ( smile )

Happy camper.
Right here.


  1. I agree. The One. :) super cute!

  2. I knew you would! So glad you got your package and liked it! : )

  3. I just got an iPhone and am having trouble deciding on a case...or cases.....but I was thinking I would like something to protect it in my purse. This is the perfect cute thing. :)

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