original meaning and work

I love finding out the original meaning of things, so the above clip about the oh-so-popular phrase, keep calm and carry on, made me smile this morning.  On a separate note, Steve and I will be attending a concert by Gungor next week and we are very much looking forward to it.  The clip below shares a little bit of their passion and story. I love date nights with my husband and love that he loves going to concerts with me.  The concert will be from their newest collection, Ghosts Upon the Earth, but I especially love their song, Beautiful Things, from their album, Beautiful Things.


  1. beautiful music! i watched the clip and enjoyed!

  2. I was wondering if you guys had decided to go! Are you interested in trying to carpool?

  3. hey Loraena! that would be really fun ( and economical too I guess! : ) Steve and I were hoping to catch a bit to eat before the concert, so we were planning on leaving our house at 6. Would you and Josh want to join us for dinner? I guess we were just hoping to find a fun little eatery close to the concert location, but maybe it's too much to fit in. . .


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