celebrating Easter at our house

So many thoughts swirled through my mind over the last few weeks, concerning how to explain the events of Easter week to my two-and-a-half year old. But one thought stuck out more than any other: I am the meaning of this first-remembered Easter to my child. As I thought more about this, I remembered an article that I'd read several months back by Rachel Jankovic entitled Of Kids and Christmas. You can read it on the Desiring God website here, and I highly recommend the read. Even though the article is clearly written concerning the events of Christmas, I find it rather appropriate for Easter as well.

I realized this week, in new and fresh ways, that I represent Easter to my children every day of the year, not just on the day that we eat yummy food, collect glitter-filled eggs, wear fancy clothes, and read through the written account of Jesus dying for our sins. If I want to represent Easter to my children, I need to live in the light of the Resurrection every day of the year.
( James 1:5 ) I am so thankful for our Risen Rescuer.

I can't help but smile really, really big when I look at that last picture. Oh, I love those boys! ( Job was so proud of himself for snatching the camera strap! ) I hope that you all had a very blessed weekend, recounting the preciousness of Jesus winning our redemption.


  1. everything is so beautiful! I was so touched and moved by all of the gorgeous photographs.....there is so much to be thankful for .....and I miss your sweet little family so very much!


  2. Mister G looked mighty handsome. :) I loved how colorful everything was and the food looked DELISH! very cute family photo! =)

  3. how cute are you all!!! i love that blue and white gingham shirt- cuteness! happy easter- looks like you enjoyed some family time!

  4. thank you, everyone : ) Barb, there's a solution to you missing my family. My guest room has your name written all over it : ) That and a couple pieces of furniture : ) hehe

    Kelly-- I can't stop smiling at Job's little expression in the family picture-- I was so elated with how that turned out. It was a last minute snap--so glad I took a couple extra pictures that day!

    Cassie--yes! family time was so precious on Sunday! happy Easter to you too!


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