the coast + vintage find of a lifetime

Over the weekend we returned to one of our very favorite places: the coast. It was a little bit chilly and the sneaker waves were alive and well ( Graeme was not too happy about that ), but it was beautiful and refreshing, as always.  I especially love the swingset that sits facing the sea. Seaside, Oregon is a really fun, little place and if you ever have the chance to go, do. The seventies-style buildings, the little aquarium, the toy store, the book shop, the merry-go-round, the home-made ice-cream shop, the scenery-- it all comes together for a perfect spot, especially for little boys. ( smile )

hello, Jobie.

first ice-cream cone ever.  
Granna insisted, Graeme was quite pleased.

post sneaker wave. 
poor little guy. 

Job slept soundly. 
we are big time Ergo lovers.

one, two, three, jump! 

My mom is here visiting and she is a lover of thrift stores. Like mother, like daughter.  We spotted one early in the day and decided to veer off on our way home.  All I can say is that I paid six dollars for 33 pieces of vintage and antique china.  The pieces are so beautiful.  And guess what? I looked up the factory markings today and discovered that twelve of the pieces were made in 1913.  Nineteen thirteen! I cannot even believe it.  I cannot even believe they belong to me. I'm excited to share about them soon. I have so many plans for them!

happy mondaying................


  1. First ice cream cone? I bet that was pure bliss for him. :) Beautiful pics, as always. I love that one of you & Job sleeping away. So sweet.

  2. These pictures are so so good!

  3. what beautiful photos!!! and what a score with the china! woo hoo!

  4. Sounds like a lovely day.

  5. Danielle-- first ice-cream cone *of his own*. I'm sure he's has licks from ours before. Maybe? ? I LOVE the Ergo! I hope you have one. If not-- get one for baby #2-- you will Never, Ever, Ever regret it!


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