half of a year

A very, very happy six month birthday to our sweet Jobie today.
We love this boy to pieces, that is for sure.
Let's see, yep, eating, pooping, and smiling, that about sums it up.  
We do believe that smiling is his favorite.
And we are going full throttle in the teething and learning-to-crawl department.
I'm pretty sure he says uh-huh.
Oh, and Job has now joined the 8am wake-time bandwagon.
( I love Babywise! )

happy weekending from our home to yours.


  1. Happy 6 months Job!! We can't wait to see you :) Oh and love that you have joined your big brother in the 8am wake-time! I love babywise too & I also love that Maddie wakes up at 8am..definitely makes life a little easier!

  2. I love Babywise too!!!! Charlotte wakes up at 8 or a little after too. Love it! Job is soooooo cute!! Hope you can sleep in a little later now. :)

  3. So precious. PS love the new blog layout!

  4. I feel like Job's "sleep journey" has been so different from Graeme's, as it should be, I guess : ) He started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks and would sleep from about 11-6:30 or 7am. About a month after that, he started sleeping from 8:30ish to 7am. Another month or so after that, he transitioned from 7:30/8pm to 8am. It's taken him a bit longer to get here than it did Graeme, but he made it! I love that he wakes up talking to himself and happy. I'm definitely a fan of Babywise, although I've seen it's principles played out a bit differently in both boys. They are their own person, so I should have known that they wouldn't be the same, but live and learn! : )

    Shanna-- thank you so much! I'm loving the no header right now, but we'll see how long I like it : ) I'm a big lover of change, but I hope to stick with this change for a while! ha! : )


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