phew, our child is not a racist! ( wink )

"Mama is white and Dada is black."

Yes, this is the phrase that we have heard several times, coming out of the mouth of mister Graeme-bear.  We could not, for the life of us, figure it out-- which was frustrating because we rarely are stumped by his communication skills. Finally, this evening, we solved the mystery.

We had pulled into a parking spot by a local park, intending for Graeme to take a breather and run and jump and play for a few minutes while the police caught a supposed gunman in our nearby neighborhood.  Oh, like how I just tossed that information in there? ( smile )  Sadly, you did read that correctly.  As it turned out, a man accused of robbery was evading police on a busy street near our home and he decided to flee his vehicle and run it out--all a few blocks away from our home.  As we turned onto a nearby street, Steve and I commented back and forth on the number of police sirens we were hearing.  After turning down another street, we realized, "wow, there are a lot of police cars" and "oh! dear! we can't even turn down our street!".  Graeme, on the other hand, was completely in heaven with the sight of all those police cars!

So there we sat at the park, ( a park a few miles away from the scene, mind you! ) Steve and I both pulling out our phones to get some information, and from the back a little voice pipes up and says "Mama is white and Dada is black".  And then it clicked: it was our phones!  Steve's iPhone is black and mine is white.  And it suddenly all made sense.

Now, if you know us, you would see why we were so perplexed.  I mean, seriously, Steve and I are basically albino.  So there's that. ( ha! )  And, we really try to help Graeme see his world without defining people by color or race.  For example, when pointing someone out, we wouldn't choose to say, "do you see the white man getting into the police car?" or "that black man has a very nice hat on" or "that Asian man is probably incredibly smart".  You get my drift, right?  Long story short, we were very happy to have an answer for that quirky little phrase!

( p.s. Good news: they did indeed catch the gunless man and we arrived home safe and sound. Yes I did make Steve search the house before we went in. And check all of the closets.  And look under all of the beds.   And under Job's crib. And double check all of the doors and windows. Yes, this white mama is very thankful. ( wink! )


  1. Hilarious!!!! Mystery solved!

  2. yes! It had been bugging us for over a month! Glad to have an answer for that one :)

  3. That's too funny. Cute blog header by the way... I haven't seen it yet. Looks great. :)


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