ten minute bow-tie tutorial

I cannot claim to be an expert in the bow-tie-making department. Goodness, anyone that saw Graeme on Easter ( or last Easter, for that matter ) could tell you so. Maybe the third year will be the charm? For the past two years, I have made Graeme's Easter bow-tie in quite the rush; I did not measure the bow-tie on Graeme until we were practically running out the door and both years he ended up with a ginormous bow-tie. Maybe that is why, when I showed his bow-tie to him, he told me it was a butterfly. ha!

So, for what it is worth, here is a tutorial on how to make a bow-tie in literally ten minutes.  Should you find yourself in need of a bow-tie in a pinch, try this tutorial, and I don't think it will let you down.  Just to clarify, this bow-tie will not last for ever and ever. It is, however, a quick fix.  For sturdier and longer-lasting bow-ties, go here and here. By the way, I've adjusted the measurements on this tutorial so that you will not end up with a gigantic bow-tie as Graeme did.  However, you might want to hold up the 3" x 5" piece to your little guy's neck and adjust accordingly before sewing.

happy bow-tie making!

Step One: take both 3" x 5" pieces, right sides together, and sew. Sew like you would a pillow, leaving a small opening to turn the bow-tie to the right side after sewing.

Step Two: round the corners off to get rid of the bulk and set this aside while you work on step three.

Step Three: take the 2" x 3" piece and fold it in half, as shown above, and sew the top edge and the side edge, leaving one end open to be able to turn to the right side after sewing.

Step Four: put a straight pin ( or use the end of a pencil ) through the sewn end of the 2" x 3" piece to help turn it to the right side.

Steps Five: turn the 3" by 5" piece to the right side and top-stitch all the way around-- to close the opening and to add durability to the rest of the bow-tie.  Then, wrap the smaller piece around the middle and either stitch in place a few times OR use your hot glue gun to hold it together.

Step Six: using your hot glue gun, glue the safety pin to the back of the bow-tie.

( make sure to not use too much glue or you will have a hot mess on your hands! )

Step Seven: enjoy seeing your handiwork on your sweet little boy!  

I'll be making Graeme another bow-tie in the next couple of weeks as he is in my brother-in-law's upcoming wedding!  Wish me luck in finding the perfect fabric and actually making the bow-tie the right size this time! ( wink )

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  1. G looks sooooooooooo cute with a bow tie. What a fun project for you. Too bad I don't even sew buttons! I don't have the patience for sewing at all. Super cute though!

  2. thanks, Danielle! I meant to say something about the bow-tie that I made for Graeme last year-- it was made out of a man's tie and I just used a glue gun-- I should post a tutorial on that sometime for all of my friends who don't have sewing machines -- or don't like to sew : ) I keep thinking of you all-- hope this week is going better!

  3. Hello! your blog is so lovely and I do not know why you do not have more followers, and thus I have awarded you the coveted Liebster Award (ha!). I hope you'll share your favorite little blogs with us :)


  4. jess, you are so sweet : ) thank you in advance for my award. I will have fun picking a few favorites and sharing them here, hopefully on my next post. Again, you are so kind-- thank you for thinking of me : )

  5. Hello there
    This is Stephanie, Danielle Barger's sister. I've been lurking on your blog and love your crafty ideas! I just wanted to let you know I made some bow ties for our son (well only one is all finished)and posted about it on my blog. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing! http://justbraunfamily.blogspot.com.br/

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