Trader Joe's $1.29 pizza dough + ham/pear/white cheddar pizza

I remember one of the first times that we ventured out as a family of three. It was for the grand occasion of eating pizza. We had recently moved to Oregon and had heard about this Hot Lips Pizza place that made their own soda too.  We're so glad that we tried it. Since then, we've recreated their ham, pear, and white cheddar pizza over and over again. In the words of Graeme, "it's yummy". And when my mom last visited, ( did I mention that she arrives for a visit today? yes! I am very! excited! ) she introduced us to the complete miracle that is Trader Joes' pizza dough.  It is a whopping $1.29 and our favorite is the herb dough. If you're looking for a fun and easy new pizza recipe to try this weekend, bingo bango, here it is.

you will need:

> 1 pkg Trader Joes' herb pizza dough ( found in the cheese and hummus section )
< 1 very ripe pear
> 1 block of sharp white cheddar cheese
( I buy this at Trader Joes' too; Vintage Reserve is the brand, I believe, and the package usually lasts us for two pizzas. )
< 1/2 cup of thinly sliced and shredded ham
> olive oil

While your herb dough is resting, shred your cheese and slice up your pear.  I've found that very thin slices of pear work best and the more ripe the pear the better. The more the merrier, with the ham and pear-- they will even out and compliment the sharpness of the cheese. When your dough is ready, roll it out per the instructions on the bag, then pour a tablespoon or more of olive oil and spread it evenly across the dough. The olive oil takes the place of red sauce in this pizza.  Add on the cheese, pear, and ham and bake for 8-10 minutes.

Enjoy and happy weekending!

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  1. This looks amazing! Definitely going on my "to try" list.

  2. This does look delicious!

    BTW lots of people like to use our dough for homemade pizzas (available from all our pizzerias).

    Thanks for the mention,

  3. Mmm, this looks so good. I wish we had a trader joe's around here :(

  4. HotLips,
    okay, that sounds so funny : ) Anywho, thank you for stopping by and for the dough suggestion. We will definitely take you up on that some time : )

    Christine-- you NEED a TJ's!


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