"And then we drove up to Boston". Wait, what?

Saying that I stink at geography is a complete understatement.  Last week, we flew into New York to visit with my brother's family before driving *down* to Boston.  I said, more times than I care to admit, that we would be driving *up* to Boston after our visit with Mark and his family. I'm a nerd. The good news is, I realized my mistake. On my own. Thank you very much.

Upstate-ish New York ( because I'm not entirely sure where we were! ) was absolutely beautiful. Rolling, rolling fields of green and beautiful, age-old farms filled our view. We also paid the Baseball Hall of Fame a visit in the quaint and history-filled village of Cooperstown. I hear that the upstate is filled to the brim with such villages and I believe it. So much history and so little time to explore. All the more reason to go back someday. ( thank goodness for instagram, they're the only pictures I have of the landscape. 
( You can catch up with my gazillion instagram photos at crannyandb. )

Even though we loved the beauty of upstate New York and all of the little places that we visited while we were there, we thoroughly enjoyed our time with my brother's family so much more. I loved being able to see where they lived and their life there. ( My brother is a pastor there in Waterville and the church building is so incredibly full of history.  See those dates on the stained glass windows? Incredible. ) Job and their little girl, Jarynne, are just days apart and what fun to see them meet each other. I know you think I photoshopped Jarynne's eyes-- but no I did not-- and are they not the most gorgeous blue?

Late night chats, good food, and lots of laughs with my brother's family. 

And then we drove up to Boston...........
( wink! ) 


  1. Great pictures, Sarah. We're thankful for the short time we had with you all - felt like it was quality time for sure :).

    Love ya!


  2. thanks, Mark--
    we loved our time with you all--

    now you just need to come out here : )

  3. I'd (we'd) love to, but international travel frightens me.


  4. ha! that made me cackle! You're a mess. I'm not *that* bad off, but just about.


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