Change is Good

Sometimes it happens slowly, almost unnoticeable to the human eye. Other times, it happens casually and markedly, like the growth of our children-- we notice it, but it smacks us in the face every once in a while. Like all of the sudden my little boy is running around in floods. Weren't those pants dragging on the ground just yesterday?

Change can be beautiful on so many levels. Changed hearts, changed thought processes, changed budgets. Wait, who invited the b word to this party? 
( smile ) 

Steve and I sat down last evening and strategized a bit on our budget. I love my husband. He is hilarious and makes me laugh a lot, which is such a gift to me. I laugh really hard at the silly things he says in his sleep, which I won't share here because that wouldn't be very wifely of me. But I really wish I could. Because it would be so funny to tell you about how he sometimes sits straight up in bed and says things like, "do you want to deliver meals to the animals at the zoo?". Laughter truly is the best medicine sometimes, isn't it? I had to laugh out loud when he told Cal that she needed to start pulling her weight around here and make some money. ( Cal-girl is our dog. ) I also completely laughed at his suggestion of me showering every other day. 

In all seriousness, budget change is good. Last evening our budget smacked us in the face a little bit and I am excited to buckle down and be a better steward of what has been given to us. I love the phrase, necessity is the mother of invention. I love a good challenge, don't you?

happy weekending!

( and p.s., I just wanted to say a huge thank you to those of you who took the time to give advice in the previous post about Jobie. I'm hoping to see a few changes over the weekend and will keep you updated! )


  1. Andrew keeps asking me why we're having trouble staying in budget! She may be little, but a 4th person is still a 4th person! :) hope you find the right fix for little Jobie!

  2. Yes, you nailed it-- they are little, but two boys are two people. And they are growing like weeds, so I feel like there is always something to pick up at the store for them :) And it's just *fun* to buy things for them! :) We're working on the fix for Jobie. I'd like to give the current formula a couple more days--we've changed him 3 times in the last month, so I feel that I need to give his tummy a few days rest. A call to our doctor and a new bottle is on the list for today :)

  3. Stephen Branine5:43 PM

    Hey I read this you know:)

  4. you're checkin' up on me, huh? :)


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