An Early Mother's Day Gift

We had a picnic in our backyard a few nights ago, followed by a small game of lawn croquet. There have been a few moments in my life that I hope I will never forget and this evening was one of them: the perfect sunlight dancing off Graeme's curls and his sweet chatter, Job's bright eyes and the sight of him being lifted into the air by my husband, and the raspy giggles that ensued. A perfect early mother's day gift, for sure.

happy weekending 
and a special mother's day wish to all my friends and my own mom and mother-in-law!

( ps. I'm linking up to 'embrace the camera' today )


  1. gorgeous gorgeous photos.

  2. just beautiful ... your pictures make me want to be there.. such a beautiful sunshine and little boy!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.

    This early Mother's Day gift looks just perfect. What a wonderful time to capture.

  4. Beautiful! Just beautiful! You are such a sweet, loving mom -- it brings me such joy to watch you as you"mother." Happy Mothers' Day!

  5. thank you, ladies! It was a really, really beautiful evening. The sunlight could not have been more perfect. Thank you, mom-- they're pretty easy boys to love, that is for sure : )

  6. love, love the beautiful! :}


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