I'm a bad blogger ( but I love our farmer's market )

I just cannot keep up with it all. I am confessing to you today that I am not the best blogger. Throughout the last several weeks, I've come to grips with a few things concerning social media. We live in a world that is obsessed with instant gratification and blogs are by no means out of that realm. Sometimes I feel guilty about not being able to keep up with everyone else's blog. I find myself struggling to keep up with my friends, let alone others in addition. I'm also on a hiatus from facebook for a few weeks. It feels really good, even if I do kind of feel like I may be missing out on a few major life events! ( wink )

In the blog world, instant gratification looks like this: I follow your blog, now you follow mine. You comment on my blog, and I'll comment on yours. But what if we took this blogging thing to a new level and followed the blogs that we truly love and learn from and didn't feel guilty about leaving the other fifty thousand behind? I'm preaching to myself here. 

Sometimes I wish that every social media platform didn't have followers or friends or tweeters or whatever. I wish our blogs, facebooks, pinterests, twitters, and instagram feeds could be free from the need to be followed, read, or approved so that the same freedom played out in our being real. I love these words from Sara Groves' song, Obsolete, where she describes this whole struggle of the "screen world" versus the real world.

     Looking through a million portals
     Everyone is having fun
     Everybody seems immortal

     Are you and I an apparition
     Flickering up on the screen
     Sending out our best transmissions
     Waiting in our velveteen
     Tell me you can really see me

( By the way, we loved venturing out for our first farmer's market of the season. I really wanted to plant a few things this year, but didn't get to it. We plan on living off of our markets until they close in October. Guess who sported 12-18 mos pants for the market? Our Jobie-- who is not even seven months old. He measured 27 inches at six months! )

happy mondaying...................


  1. Good thoughts. We just got back from the kind of trip that raises these questions for me, too. I used to always follow everyone who followed me (whether on blogs or twitter or whatever) out of guilt I think or out of some desire to not make anyone feel bad. And sometimes I would follow a blogger and really love them, and they wouldn't follow me, and I would feel a little bad about that, so I didn't want to make anyone else feel that way.

    But somewhere in the last few months I started to think about it a little less, probably under the influence of my much wiser husband and through the daily sanctification of the Spirit, and I'm moving more and more towards a "following" of those places and people that are actually adding value to my life.

    A friend of mine says it really well when she says she only wants to hear those voices that are speaking truth to her. That truth can be about how-tos or recipes or photography, it doesn't mean it can't, but it has to be whittled down and refined. There's no time or need to listen to all voices.

    Anyway. Sorry for how long THAT voice was!

    PS your photos get better and better. Coupled with your thoughts, this space is becoming one of my favorite places to visit online.

  2. Shanna,

    thanks so much for posting your thoughts. My feelings are so the same concerning the following thing and also with whittling things down--

    you are so kind to encourage me in the area of photography-- that means a lot coming from a gal who takes incredible photos! : ) And, by the way, I am so thankful for your blog-- it has challenged me many times in my "foodology" : )

  3. Beautiful pictures -- Jobie is going to be tall like his Dad! Love the picture of them.

  4. I loved reading this. Thoughts like this have been running through my mind. Thanks for sharing your heart.

    By the way, I am a bit envious of your farmer's market. I just took my first trip of the season to the local farm stand. No beautiful pictures like yours though -- a sleeping baby in one arm, a watermelon in the other, two other kiddos in tow, and absolutely no hands for a camera. :O)

  5. Rachel,
    I probably shouldn't tell you this, but that is one of two markets within about 3 miles of my home! Aren't I awful to tell you that?! Hey, when cameras aren't available or accessible, our hearts and minds are-- I bet you have some sweet memories ( and possibly aching arms-- a watermelon AND a child! wow-- you go girl! : )


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