Memorial Day

This is how we started our memorial day
and this is a pretty typical scenario in our home
on weekend and holiday mornings.
The top picture is a tad embarrassing, but I totally love what it represents.
Yes, I am wearing pink pants, and no, my shirt doesn't match
and isn't even mine, but I love mornings like these--
playing with the boys, soaking in that beautiful morning glow. 
( Jobie had just had an epic spit-up, thus ensuing a quick change of shirts.
I, however, am without excuse for such horrendous, non-matching attire. )

We ended the day with a lakeside dinner
and lots of boat-watching.
"Look at all those boats" and "I yike boats"
were well-heard phrases.
We also heard a little boy thank Jesus
for the boats last night before bedtime.

I was talking to a Romanian friend of mine
about communism and it's effects,
a good reminder to me why I should appreciate the freedoms
that I do have and to be thankful for so many who fought
and are fighting for us.
I have to be honest, I've really missed a good Memorial Day parade.
Something about waving my country's flag
and hearing a bit of Sousa does wonders for this American soul.

Over and out from the land of non-matching pajamas.
happy mondaying!


  1. i agree! it's amazing what the flag can conjure up emotionally.... it certainly makes me proud when i see it waving!

  2. Just read your about page and had to say that this line:

    "I crave beauty, which really isn't surprising
    since we were made to crave The Beauty,
    the One who makes everything beautiful."

    is so, so good.

  3. I love in the bed family pj parties too. I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday. Long weekends are sooooo much fun, but I'm attempting to get back in the swing of things today. Wish every weekend was a long weekend like that, don't you?!

  4. Cassie,
    yes, I really was in a little bit of a slump over it! I haven't been to a good MD Parade in years and found myself seriously wishing for one this past weekend!

    thank you. I'm still oohing and awwwing over your Florida pictures :)

    Isn't it the truth? I always hate it when Steve has to go back to work :(


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