my modern day pen pal

A really special gift was given to me this past week.  On our trek from New York to Boston we stopped in the beautiful little town of Lee, Massachusetts to meet up with my *modern day pen pal* and her family. Our friendship was formed through technology! Speaking of technology, did I mention that the wedding pictured below was a result of e-harmony God's sovereignty? I kid you not.  (smile ) 

There's something so special about seeing someone for the first time in person, even though you already count yourselves good friends. I felt an immediate connection to Erin and fell in love with her family.  We have five boys between the two of us and it was pure joy to see all of them playing together. I mean, seriously, how adorable are her children! Erin's oldest was so sweet to my Jobie.  He asked if he could hold him, gave Job a little kiss on his head, and was his buddy the rest of the time. And Erin's middle child, in the striped shirt, had Jobie laughing in hysterics! Such sweet boys.

Erin and her husband John picked the perfect spot. Um, I would like ^ that brownie right there right now! ( I also love Erin's ring! ) If you find yourself in Lee, Massachusetts, stop by the Starving Artist Cafe + Creperie. You will thank me! You'll find delicious food and beautiful atmosphere. And, if you have children, you will have really hit the jackpot-- they have a wonderful little corner full of toys.

Erin's youngest and my Graeme are just days apart. Mister C is too cute! I wish they lived closer because I think our boys would be best pals. By the way, do you know how difficult it is to get five boys together with their mamas for a picture?  Check out the next few shots.  Thankfully, no, Graeme did not pull the fire alarm. oh boy! The funny thing is, I was clueless about that until looking through these pictures today! ha!

What a joy to be able to meet my friend Erin and her sweet family. Steve and I left with full hearts-- so blessed by their company and kindness. I am so thankful for modern technology. And I look forward to many more meetings such as this one. Erin, thank you for being my friend, even if I do have spit up all down my arm in this picture!



  1. that is so cool! last fall i met one of my bloggy friends who i had really connected with. she is now a best friend and is flying out here for a week in just two weeks! did i mention she is in cali and i am in MD? :)

  2. Sarah Kate - We live just about an hour from Lee and go there often! Never been to your friends' place but we will look it up next time we're there!

  3. Cassie,
    I love it! Have the best time with your friend!

    oh! Yes! give it a try--and let me know how you like it! I just thought it was such a wonderful, wonderful find! :)

  4. very cool! p.s. any good mama rocks the spit up every now and then :)

  5. That is soooo fun that you met up with an online friend. LOVE that you both have all those boys too. So much in common. The restaurant looks gorgeous! That corner of toys is awesome. All restaurants should have those.

  6. How fun! I love meeting up with my modern day pen pals!!

    Love your pics :-)

  7. What a lovely story, how fun to have met in person.

  8. This looks like a really charming spot. How nice you could meet your friend in person!

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