Our mobile herb + succulent garden.

Don't be fooled. That sweet and adorable puppy you see right there is majorly in trouble. Naughty with a capital N. Miss Calistoga, who turns 7 in October, mind you, has chewed yet another blanket and has lost chair privileges for now. And that's saying something, because Cali loves to curl up in our oversized living room chair. Now that I have that out of my system, I'll tell you about the additions of green that I've been loving in our home. A few weeks back we added a few favorite herbs and succulents and made a mobile garden of sorts.

Our mobile garden travels from our kitchen countertop ( the watering 
station! ) to our kitchen table to soak up some sunshine, to our mantle to make our living room look pretty. All of those trial formula cans came in handy for our herb + succulent garden container needs! Spray paint or cover with paper, poke holes in the bottom, fill with dirt, add plant, and tada. ( I thought it was sweet that my husband insisted on poking the holes for me. Apparently I am accident prone? ) Also, I'd like to point out that several months ago I put the large tray-- that all of my plants are sitting on-- in the Goodwill pile. Steve picked it up and said, "let's keep this-- we might need it".  I'm so glad I listened.

And, while we're talking about naughtiness, ^ this plant has been banned to the outdoors. We recently had an ant problem and after much determination and a lot of help from Borax + honey, we were able to extinguish the ant population. And then, all of the sudden I walk into our kitchen a few days ago as all of my plants are settling down after a good watering and bam, ants were all over this plant! It was literally crawling with ants. Out it went.

I also know a little boy who is really enjoying our little garden. A little boy who is learning how to draw the letter G. "Around, up, and across" he chanted this morning. Boy, do I love him.

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  1. ooh lovely! my succulents are looking sort of weepy.....

  2. You MUST be making that story about Cal up. I just can't believe it!! Is she rebelling as a result of the boys? Gus majorly reverted to puppy behavior when we had C, especially at first. Your garden is so cute!

  3. Katie5:32 PM

    lovely little garden!

  4. thanks, ladies!

    and Danielle--
    I promise I am not making it up! I only wish I was! Yes-- reverting to puppy behavior-- that's it. Unfortunately, she's been reverting since about 3 months of age, ha! We love her to pieces though, so it's all good :)

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