sad tummy! need help!

Anyone out there 
with a little one and a sensitive stomach? 
Please help! 
Job stopped nursing recently and 
yes, it broke my heart
and tears were shed over it.
 Long story short, 
we are having trouble finding a formula that is agreeable 
with his little tummy. 
I'd like to keep him on an organic formula, 
so there's that. 
We've tried Baby's Only Organic Soy formula 
and  Earth's Best Organic Infant formula ( dairy ).  
We've also given Costco's brand of formula a try as well.
I'd prefer not go with a soy formula, 
but am willing to try it ( again ) 
since he will not be on it for that long, 
coupled with the fact that he is beginning to eat 
more and more solids. 

Job doesn't seem too terribly unhappy
about the tummy trouble--
he's a pretty happy-go-lucky guy.
But he is spitting up so much after eating
that I fear he is losing half of his intake,
resulting in him constantly wanting to eat
and starting the cycle all over again.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, 
I'd love to hear them!

( and I'm pretty sure Jobie would too! )
many thanks!


  1. I know it sounds crazy and weird, but google the Weston A Price foundation - they have a recipe for homemade baby formula. It's definitely work and I've not personally tried it - but I have friends who have used it with great success. Poor little tummy, feel better soon.

  2. Ellie had lots of tummy issues. Eventually, we figured out that ONLY formula that worked for her was the Kirkland brand. Weird, I know. I expect there are a lot more options (especially organic) available now than there were when she was a baby. I sure hope you find one that works!

  3. Jen- I am totally going to look it up! Thank you!

    Loraena- I'm a nerd. We have tried the Kirkland's brand and I totally forgot to add that to my post-- I just updated it. I know what you mean, though-- it seemed to bother his tummy less than the Earth's Best did, but still not great. : ( I hope to find a solution soon. He doesn't seem terribly unhappy, he just spits up so much that I really think he is losing almost half of his intake, resulting in him wanting to eat every 3 hours still. ( or sooner! )

  4. Poor Job!!! So sorry about his upset stomach! Charlotte was on the Kirkland kind and did great on it. I switched her to that after her first 2 months on enfamil preemie. I also used various Enfamil and Similac formulas when they were given to us including the Similac Sensitive. She liked them all, but she didn't really have tummy trouble other than a weird projectile vomit stage that was quite difficult for a few weeks. Pretty sure she was eating more than her belly coukd hold but she was so hungry! Glad that didn't last long! . I think Lacie uses that Similac Sensitive, or used to I'm pretty sure. I really hope you find something that works soon. Such a sweet boy!!

  5. We had tummy trouble with Kiersten and Kiptyn! Actually, the Baby's Only Organic Soy worked for Kiersten. Her problem wasn't spitting up, she had swelling in her face from dairy allergy! It was scary, but thankfully she outgrew that ( but now has peanut allergy. :( ) Anyway, I nursed Kiptyn, but he had a very sensitive tummy. There was a time when I had to give him formula because of an antibiotic I had to take that wasn't safe with nursing and I REALLY wanted to use organic with him also, but nothing organic worked for him, so we had to do the Enfamil Nutramegan ( spelling?) formula. It worked. But as the spitting up goes... you might want to ask your doctor about acid reflux, that really is what it sounds like to me. Kiptyn, Anna-claire, and one of my nephews have/had, it and the spitting up was like that. Kiptyn and my nephew outgrew it, but Anna-claire still has it ( she's only 10 weeks). The medicine is Ranitidine and it's a prescription and helps SO much! It's a teeny dose that helps too. It might be worth looking into, because that's pretty miserable! Also, are you doing rice cereal yet? Kiptyn's tummy got bad with that too and I couldn't figure out why... it was soy lecithin, so I switched to Earth's Best rice cereal and it helped a lot because there was no soy at all in it.

    Also, did you try Baby's Only Dairy formula or the lactose free version of it?

  6. Levi had the same problem...and after much work with feeding consultants, changing formulas, etc...a nurse told us it was more of a bottle issue than what was inside. The formula flows much faster through a bottle than what he is used to from nursing, so some babies essentially throw up from gagging on the fast flow. We switched to a nipple that made it harder for him to suck, and that reduced the spitting up considerably. We ended up finding that Sensitive Similac and Whole Food's Organic 365 Milk Based work best for him. Almost all are iron fortified, so most babies need prunes to help with the transition. ;) I hope you find some relief somewhere in all these replies. Give Job a hug for us!

  7. Ooh, I almost forgot...if all else fails, add a couple drops of "Gripe Water" and see if that helps. The ginger in it is so soothing for tummies.

  8. ... and more burping is required with the bottle even though he's older now. =)

  9. I had three spitter-uppers. :O)

    I wanted to stay away from the soy formulas too. With Addie, I used Similac Sensitive for Spit-Up. (It has added rice starch.)

    If you only want to go the organic route, Similac Advance Organic is an option. You can always add 1-2 teaspoons of organic rice cereal to the bottle. Just make sure you use the right nipple. (I used AVENT variable flow, I believe.)

  10. I wanted to add that the Dr Browns bottles worked well for us and helped reduce air. She needed different stage nipples at different ages as her suck got stronger. Char always needed a lot of burping even until she was almost a year old she needed burped every few oz. during her spit up phase I think I was burping less often so that might have contributed to her throwing up. I couldn't let her take in as much and as fast as she wanted without breaks. That girl sure can guzzle her drinks!!

  11. Ditto to what Jenny said--my sister-in-law had great success with using that formula with my niece. They did raw goat's milk because that's easier to digest than cow's.

  12. I just wanted to pop on here this morning and say a huge thank you to all of you who took the time to write out your suggestions and well wishes too : ) I'll be looking into getting our Jobie's tummy happy and I'm so happy to have somewhere to start-- so thank you all so much. I'll keep you updated on the situation!

  13. Sarah I'm so sorry! That is very hard on a momma :( Have you tried giving him probiotics? I know there are some brands just for little ones - I've heard others who have had success using them.

  14. I wish I had some input on formula and bottles, but I don't. I'm sorry! :/ But I would second the probiotics! I used some with Jack when he was little...well, I took it so he would get it. It seemed to really help him. There are ones out there safe for babies. I'd give it a try!

  15. I'm so sorry---we had the same issues from the beginning with Tenley. I wasn't able to breastfeed at all (long story), so she's been on formula all along. She has done GREAT on Similac Sensitive (orange container) and the Nuk bottles/nipples. Eventually she was diagnosed with reflux and had to be on Prilosec and Zantac but we were able to stop that at 6 months since she was eating solids. Hope you're able to get sweetie Job figured out! It's so hard to see them not eating/spitting up!


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