sightseeing in Boston


Weddings are such busy, wonderful times. Even though our time in Boston was short, Nate + Katie were excellent hosts and made every minute count. Thursday morning, we boarded an absurdly bright green bus and took a tour of the city. ( We had a ridiculously funny and wonderful guide for part of the trip; so much rises and falls on good guides, huh! ) I would highly recommend touring cities this way if you are in the company of elderly or young ones. We were able to get off at any stop we wished and then catch another tour bus to the next stop. I was so glad that Graeme and Job took right to Steve's grandparents; they rarely get to see Graeme and met Job for the very first time on this trip.

More than one person commented on my 'tattoo' , asking what the significance of it was. It actually was a to-do list for the wedding day! The seating chart above was my arch-nemesis. I think Nate and I redid the table four times.  Bad things happen when two OCD people get assigned to a project. ha! We did triumph, however.

They tell people they hold hands so that they don't lose each other. So cute. And I'm pretty in love with that Boston boy, by the way! I'm so thankful we had this opportunity. Steve and I honeymooned in Boston and Martha's Vineyard and it was so neat to be back again. We also were able to catch up with friends of ours from seminary days. Such a special treat to see them. I hope to share those pictures soon-- you'll be quite envious of their book collection!

thanks for putting up with my gazillion vacation photos.
So many good, good memories.