You are seven months old today.
You have stolen our hearts completely.
You adore, with a capital A, your big brother Graeme.
( we completely understand-- he is a really cool kid, especially with those electric blue pants and matching blanket, wink! )
We're pretty sure your first word is "hi" and that suits you well because you are definitely our mister social.
You are trying so hard to crawl.
You have no teeth but slobber like crazy.
You love avocado and banana.
You are an amazing sleeper, usually. ( smile )
You love to cuddle.
You are twenty seven inches long and weigh seventeen pounds.
You laugh with your entire being and smile with your whole face.

And did I mention that we love you to pieces?
happy seven month birthday, sweet Jobie.

and xxoo.



  1. What a sweet post. Happy 7 months! I love that photo with the drool hanging down, that is so Alice :)

  2. I LOVE that pic of the boys looking at one another!! Job is a cutie pie!!

  3. Happy 7 months, Jobie! Great pics but I love the last one where they are holding hands! So sweet!

  4. Awww. How did that happen so fast? Can't wait to hear where we are meeting up for a visit :)

  5. thank you all! Jobie had a wonderful seven month birthday : ) Jules, I thought it was sweet that Steve already looked that up-- he was so excited to tell me about it : ) Seriously, let's skype soon and plan something-- I'm so happy just thinking about see you all again!

  6. absolutely precious! xo


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