Weekending ( read: the best banana bread ever ).

This weekend, we walked in our local Steps for Life. It was our first time to participate, but I hope that we will be able to continue doing so, whether walking in it ourselves, or supporting someone else. Yesterday, two ladies from our local Pregnancy Resource Center shared their passion and mission with our church body. It was eye-opening to me to realize that abortion is so much more than just the ended life of the unborn baby. I always think of the innocent unborn that are murdered. I don't often think of so many women who feel forced into abortion because of abuse or lack of support. Such a huge need in our country. It was encouraging to walk with so many who do value life-- that of the unborn and that of the forgotten, uneducated, educated, unsupported, lonely, lost, or abused.

This weekend found me at my local Salvation Army's 50% off sale. It was a great day! A new tea kettle, ( we dropped ours and it has carried a large dent in the side for the past two years, so definitely time for a new one! ) square, vintage dessert plates, one great basket, a brand-new pair of JCrew seersucker pants for mama, and an elephant for Graeme-bear. I had to laugh as the attendant packed up my things and carefully pulled out the elephant and told me that he'd wrap it up for me as it was probably very breakable. I smiled and nodded as he carefully wrapped up the rubber elephant. 

This weekend found us with a beautiful, new herb garden of our own. I hope to share more about that later, but I am so thrilled to have them growing in my own home. 

And, this weekend found us nibbling away on Nana's banana bread. It really is the best banana bread that I have ever eaten. I know there are a million recipes for banana bread out there, but seriously, give this one a try.

Nana's Banana Bread
( Steve's mom )

1 c sugar
1/2 c oil
2 eggs
1 c bananas
1/2 c sour cream
1 t vanilla
1 1/2 c flour
1 t baking soda
1/2 t salt

350* for about an hour.

Suggestions: I use Bob's Mill whole wheat pastry flour and find that it gives the bread a delicious crispy top layer. I bake the banana bread for the first 30-40 minutes and then place foil over the bread for the rest of the bake time. I also am known for occasionally adding mini chocolate chips on the top and I've found that if I keep my chocolate chips in the freezer, they do not melt into a hot mess during the baking process! 

happy mondaying and happy baking.................

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  1. always love posts like these, celebrating the everyday beauty of weekends and thrifting and life.

  2. I love the guy carefully wrapping the *rubber* elephany. haha! Andrew & I have recently been talking about how you hear almost nothing about the abortion issue (at least around us) these days. I miss my days of working with the Crisis Preg Center and know we have to find a way to be having conversations about the silent disaster that is everywhere around us, but yet people seem completely oblivious.
    yay for all the great finds!

  3. I seem to remember you aren't looking at Facebook right now so I decided to send you a message here. = )
    It's kind of sudden, but we are coming to portland next month...early june. We'll only be in port lad for a day or two but we'd love to see you! I think it's Friday the 8th that we'll be there but I'll check to make sure.
    We were wondering if we could have lunch or dinner with you. Or just see you maybe have a little tour of your favorite places there. I think we will be staying at my uncles house but my aunt is schedule for a c-section on the 5th of June so not sure about that.
    I'd call but I don't have your number. SO call me 970-40-6496. Sorry this is so last minute. We're moving to CO in two days! So life has been crazy. Plus Roderick had applied for a job that meant we wouldn't be able to make the trip with my parents, We found out yesterday he didn't get the job. So we're going to MT/WA/OR for two weeks and we're seeing some people and country my husband has never seen!
    Hope to see you too!

  4. Kelly-- yes, I think that I hear more about it only because I have three friends that work at our local PRC, but outside of that, no, I don't really hear anything : (

    I know, wasn't the rubber elephant story funny? ha! still smiling about that one : )

    Laura! we would love to see you all! You are correct, I am off fb for now, so contacting me here was a great idea. I will call you sometime today-- most likely around 1 ish my time because the boys will be down for naps. Long story short, we'd love to see you and you are more than welcome to stay at our home if you'd like. We'd love to show you a few of our favorites or at least have you in our home for a meal! talk to you soon : )

  5. Love, love that basket! What a great find! And seersucker JCrew pants on top of it - lucky you! And, I always love a new recipe to feed my love of bread:) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love, love, love your salvation army finds! Wow....such goodies!

    ...and I need to call you about your herbs.....I planted basil this year...and absolutely love picking it and adding it to dinner :}



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